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Are Crystals Rocks?



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1. The Difference Between Rocks and Crystals
2. If Crystals are Not Rocks What are They?
3. A Crystal is Made Up of Atoms
4. What is a Mineral is it a Rock?
5. What Exactly are Rocks?
6. Not All Rock and Mineral-like Solids are Crystals
7. Are Crystals Rocks? Absolutely Not




The Difference Between Rocks and Crystals

A great deal of confusion exists over the difference between crystals rocks and minerals and the three words are often used incorrectly.  These naturally occurring materials are all quite different from each other and hopefully this article will make it easierier to understand exactly what each one is.  

If you've ever asked one of the following questions you'll find the answer right here.

  • Are crystals rocks?
  • What exactly are minerals?
  • What are rocks?

If you just want a quick answer then here it is;

Crystals are made up of a highly ordered arrangement of atoms that repeat in a three dimensional pattern so they're not rocks.

Minerals are naturally occurring inorganic solids with a crystalline structure.

Rocks which can be organic or inorganic are made up of several different minerals but can occasionally be made up of just one.

For a more detailed yet simply explained explanation you'll need to keep reading.

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UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions | Australian SEO



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1. Catching Up with a Cowboy
2. Obsessed with Fake Reviews
3. 5 Years to Get my Money Back
4. Goodbye to Bad Rubbish




Catching Up with a Cowboy

Following on from my previous two articles about UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions formerly SEOJuice a search engine optimisation company in Sydney Australia, having suddenly remembered on the afternoon of New Year's Eve 2017 that this company still hadn't refunded a penny of my money I was curious to see what they were up to nowadays.  It had been five years since I had signed up with them and after almost seven months of working on my website I was slapped with a penalty notice by Google because of their black hat search engine optimisation techniques.  Despite their repeated guarantees of page one ranking or your money back and if page one ranking is not achieved we'll work for free, I was told the offers were not applicable to me because I signed up directly through their own website.  Having paid this cowboy almost $3000 I wanted my entire investment back.

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SEOJuice aka UpWeb | SEO You Can Do Without



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1. Exposing a Crook
2. Dave Adamson Running Scared
3. A Leopard Never Changes it Spots




Exposing a Crook

Following on from my first article about SEOJuice who on 10th February 2016 also became known as UpWeb SEO and who have now changed their named again to UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions, part two shows that despite farming work on my website out to a company in India who built thousand of spammy backlinks, this cowboy company still hadn't learnt their lesson.  I was determined to get every penny back that I'd paid to them but Dave Adamson wasn't going to give up without a fight.  Having blogged in great detail about the work that SEOJuice carried out on my website and included screenshots of his phoney promotional material along with correspondence that had been exchanged between us, he was understandably a little upset.  The last thing a fraudster wants is to be exposed.  This was someone who at the time had been working from home for just a couple of years running a search engine optimisation business with occasional help from his fiance so when I received the following email from their "human resources department" I almost fell off my chair.

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The Window Centre Harrow | Window Replacement Nightmare



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1. Inferior Product Terrible Service




Inferior Product Terrible Customer Service

I may have been rather quiet lately but you'll be glad to hear that's about to change.  Over the last twelve months as well as flying around the world and running Stone Mania I've also been dealing with a wretched window replacement company called The Window Centre who are based in Harrow.  These people carried out work at my property in June 2016 but  sadly it was the worst experience imaginable.  Not only were the replacement windows and doors installed by a couple of cowboys who caused a significant amount of damage in and around my house but just two weeks after they left problems began.  After more than a year of adjustments on every single window and door that had been fitted, the company finally admitted they had not been manufactured correctly and needed to be replaced.  That came as no surprise considering all the problems that I'd had and by this point in time not one of the windows or doors was working as it should plus both of the double glazed doors were draughty.  In October 2016 I began legal proceedings against The Window Centre Harrow and dealing with the case has taken up a huge amount of my time.

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SEOJuice or | Cowboy Search Engine Optimisation



screenshot of a promo from the website of S E O Juice guaranteeing top five placement on google 



1. Black Hat SEO
2. Phoney Advertising Warrior Forum
3. Excerpts from E-Mail Correspondence
4. Thousands of Spammy Backlinks
5. The Fight to Get my Money Back
6. UpWeb SEO | Lies and Fake Guarantees
7. One Determined Crook




Black Hat Search Engine Optimisation Services

In today’s world search engine optimization known for short as SEO is big business and there’s no end of genuine companies out there touting for trade but along with the many genuine businesses, there's also plenty of cowboys like UPWeb Digital Marketing Solutions previously known as UpWeb SEO and before that SEOJuice.  I used the services of this search engine optimisation company run by Dave Adamson for six months to help improve my website's ranking on Google but instead of achieving positive results, it ended with my site being slapped with a penalty notice because of black hat SEO techniques that had been used.  In just a few months SEOJuice or UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions caused an enormous amount of damage to the online side of my business and instead of moving closer to page one on Google, my rankings plummeted and traffic dried up almost completely.  Over the next three articles and with the help of screenshots, forum posts and extracts from e-mail correspondence that was exchanged between us, I will expose this cowboy for the dishonest and deceitful individual that he really is.

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Shungite | The Healing Properties of Crystals



collection of rough elite shungite stones




1. Shungite Unique Stone from Russia
2. Shungite Healing Properties or a Placebo?
3. Crystal Healing Keeping an Open Mind
4. My Own Experience with Healing Crystals




Shungite | Unique Stone from Russia

Shungite is a curious stone found primarily in Russia that's relatively rare, virtually unknown and the finest grade is known as elite shungite. As well as being surprisingly light weight it's naturally lustrous and has a black residue similar to the soot produced by coal.  With the world's original and largest deposit being in Karelia in the north west of Russia, shungite is expensive and rough material is popular with rock and mineral collectors around the world.

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Crystals Rocks Minerals | Understanding the Difference



loose gemstones a piece of rough labradorite and a small amethyst geode laying on plain papyrus



1. What Exactly are Crystals Rocks Minerals?
2. Definition of a Gemstone
3. Definition of a Crystal
4. Definition of a Rock
5. Definition of a Mineral




What Exactly are Crystals Rocks Minerals?

Crystals rocks and minerals are the building blocks of our planet and mankind has had an inherent attraction to them since the dawn of time. Their use for personal adornment can be traced back at least 82,000 years and throughout history they have remained a constant source of intrigue and fascination. They have been used as tools, been carried as talismans, have been carved into luxury objects and have long been associated with status, wealth and power. The belief that rocks and minerals hold magical powers and healing properties dates back almost to the dawn of time and stories and myths associated with these natural objects have been passed down from one generation to the next.  In today's society the practice of using crystals to promote health and well being is widely known as crystal healing and despite being considered by some to be a pseudoscience, it remains hugely popular and is a multi billion dollar industry.

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Lumina Jewellery Guilty of Plagiarism



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1. Plagiarising from Stone Mania but Caught Red Handed
2. Our Working Practices Being Used by Lumina Jewellery
3. Lumina Jewellery Shockingly Unbelievable
4. OMG Where Will it End?
5. Copyright Infringement Notice Served on Lumina Jewellery
6. Protect Your Business from Plagiarism



Plagiarising from Stone Mania but Caught Red Handed

Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work and ideas to pass off as your own.  Although online the practice violates Google's User Policy, it remains a serious problem.  Google has become wise to this in recent years hence duplicate content doesn't rank well in search results and can lead to a copyright infringement notice being issued or a website even being blacklisted.  Most perpetrators will do their best to cover their tracks and make sufficient alterations to the stolen material to minimise the chances of it being recognised.  For Lumina Jewellery however it was far too easier to just use copy and paste to take whatever they needed from Stone Mania to create their business and build a website.  What was even more shocking was that it didn't stop there.  I would even go as far as to say that Lumina Jewellery owned and run by Sara and Picky Saund, may well only have come into existence because they discovered Stone Mania.

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What is Plagiarism?


 Bart Simpson writing on a blackboard I must not plagiarize from Stone Mania




1. Plagiarism; Stealing Someone's Work to Pass Off as Your Own
2. Paraphrasing Often Leads to Inaccuracies
3. Plagiarising Plagiarised Articles
4. Don't Plagiarise Create Something of Your Own




Plagiarism Stealing Someone's Work to Pass Off as Your Own

Trying to find original articles to read online particularly about crystals rocks and minerals can be quite a challenge because so much of what's available is repetitive, not accurate and in many cases has been written for the sole purpose of improving search engine ranking.  I research extensively in preparation for articles that I write for Stone Mania and have been posting articles online for many years.  One thing I can say for certain is that plagiarism is a real problem.

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