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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process which affects the visibility of a website in unpaid search results. It looks at how search engines such as Google work and the best ways to improve the frequency in which a website or page appears and also its position.  In today's world it's big business and whilst there are many companies out there who are legitimate and trustworthy, there are also those like SEOJuice who now trade as UpWeb SEO who can best be described as cowboys. Trusting a company like this to carry out search engine optimisation on your website can cause a huge amount of damage to your online business which is exactly what happened when this company which is owned and run by Dave Adamson, worked on Stone Mania for just six months.

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Shungite and Crystal Healing


elite grade shungite


Shungite is a curious stone which comes exclusively from Russia, it's relatively rare, virtually unknown and the finest grade is known as elite shungite. It's surprisingly light weight, has a black residue that’s similar to soot that's produced by coal and is naturally lustrous.  The fact that it only comes from Karelia which is in the north west of Russia means that stones tend to be expensive and are highly sought after by rock and mineral enthusiasts around the world.

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Understanding Crystals, Rocks, Minerals


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Crystals, rocks and minerals are the building blocks of our planet and man has had an inherent attraction to them since the dawn of time. Their use for personal adornment can be traced back 82,000 years and throughout history they have remained a constant source of intrigue and fascination. They have been used as tools, carried as talismans, been carved into luxury objects and have long been associated with wealth and power. The belief that they hold magical and medicinal powers also dates back thousand of years and the myths and lore associated with them has been passed down through the generations. Today the practice of using crystals, rocks and minerals to promote health and well being is widely known as crystal healing and despite it being considered by many to be a pseudoscience, it remains hugely popular and is without doubt a multi billion dollar industry.

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Caught Red Handed


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Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's ideas and work in order to then pass them off as your own and whilst it's a massive problem online, most perpetrators are savvy and discreet enough to cover their tracks and make sufficient alterations to the stolen material in order to ensure that nobody identifies it as having originally been created by someone else. It's also pretty well known amongst online retailers that duplicate content doesn't rank well in Google which is another reason why pages of text that have been plagiarised tend to be altered before being republished but more importantly, plagiarism also violates Google's User Policy. Despite that Sarah and Picky Saund the people behind Lumina Jewellery made a conscious decision to set out and steal creative ideas and company policies from another business and I can only assume that was because they are unable to come up with anything original and exciting of their own. Sadly on this occasion it was Stone Mania who was the victim but what we uncovered after having landed on the website of Lumina Jewellery purely by chance, was that they had a very unhealthy interest in our business.      

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Trying to find decent articles to read online about crystals, rocks and minerals can be a real challenge because so much of what's available is repetitive, unoriginal and in many cases has been written for the sole purpose of improving a website's search engine ranking. I research extensively in preparation for the articles that I write in the Rocks & Minerals section of Stone Mania's website and have been writing articles to post online for many years, one thing I can say for sure is that plagiarism is a massive problem and one which Google is trying hard to eradicate. According to the Oxford Dictionary plagiarism means "the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as your own". The word plagiarism originates from the Latin 'plagiarius' meaning 'kidnapper' and it causes a huge amount of inaccurate and misleading information to be published online particularly on matters relating to crystals, rocks and minerals.

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