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We all get excited when something ordered online arrives at the door.  The use of colourful boxes, shredded tissue paper, cards, stickers and ribbons can make a purchase feel even more special.

This new style of marketing has led to a strange craze known as "unboxing".  This involves filming the package being opened and sharing the clip online.

From watching some of these videos it seems some people are more excited about the packaging than the product they've purchased.

With more consumers than ever now shopping online, the "beautifying" of e-commerce parcels is causing a serious problem.  This is because of the excessive amount of packaging being used.

Although many people believe this makes a product look more upmarket, most of it ends up being thrown away.  As a result the amount of waste being generated by retailers trying to improve the "unboxing experience" has increased to a level that's not sustainable.  Furthermore some of the materials being used cannot be recycled through curbside pickup or at all. 

Recycling is important because it reduces the volume of waste going to landfill.  That helps conserve essential natural resources. It also reduces the amount of new materials that need to be produced.

Reusing materials is just as important.  That's because a huge amount of energy is used to transport and process recyclable materials.  The process can also be very expensive.

At Stone Mania with regards to packaging, our aim is to reduce the amount of waste we produce.  We also try to use materials that are sustainable.  That means products that can be recycled, are biodegradable or compostable.  It also includes anything that can be used multiple times.

The packaging we use for customer orders is mostly reused.  We receive enormous amounts of packaging from our suppliers and if not reused it would be recycled.  We would then have to buy the same kind of packaging again which would end up being recycled by our customers.  That contributes to a significant amount of unnecessary waste and a great deal of avoidable recycling.

No paperwork will be included with your order because it only ends up being thrown away.  An Online Sales Receipt will be sent to you by email when we confirm your order has been dispatched. 

We sometimes use plastic grip-lock bags for tumbled stones.  We've looked at a biodegradable variety but they have a relatively short shelf life because they begin to break down when exposed to sunlight, heat or mechanical stress. That means exposure to pressure such as being stretched or crushed.  They're also not very strong and must be used within twelve months of being purchased.

We have not bought grip-lock bags for many years and won't be replacing them when our stocks run out.  Although not recyclable they're sustainable because they're very strong so can be used many times. 

We only use bubble wrap when we absolutely have to.  In the UK it can be recycled along with many other plastic items at larger supermarkets.   

The padded envelopes we currently use cannot be recycled.  They're old stock and once depleted will be replaced with something biodegradable or fully recyclable.

Should your order arrive in a cardboard box please remove any clear plastic Sellotape before recycling it.  Being plastic it cannot be recycled.  A plant based zero plastic Sellotape is now being produced.  We'll test it once our existing stock comes to an end.  We already use a paper sticky tape where possible which can be recycled.

To ensure Earth's natural resources are available for future generations we need to reduce, reuse and recycle.  We have all become far too accustomed to throwing things away without giving a second thought as to whether they can be reused.  Sadly that's created a serious problems for the planet.

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