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Our Recycling Policy

recycling at Stone Mania

Reuse Recycle Reduce

At Stone Mania we're trying hard to reduce our impact on the environment.  All packaging that we use for customer orders is either reused or recycled.

Please try to reuse or recycle what you can.  Within the UK paper recycling is collected by most councils with the weekly refuse collection.

Bubble wrap can be recycled along with many other plastic items at larger supermarkets.

The clear plastic sealable pockets we use for some small items cannot currently be recycled.  We haven't bought these for many years.  They come to us from suppliers we deal with around the world.  The plastic is strong which makes it possible to reuse them over and over again.  It must be said, they do come in handy. 

Our current padded envelopes are old stock.  Once depleted we will begin using recycled envelopes that are biodegradable and fully recyclable.

Where items need to be sent in a box, we either use one that has been recycled and can be recycled again or reuse an existing box.

Clear plastic Sellotape cannot be recycled.  A plant based zero plastic Sellotape is now produced.  We will start using this once our existing stock comes to an end.  Where possible we currently use a recyclable paper sticky tape.

Recycling is extremely important to us but as a small business we must take cost into consideration.  Recyclable materials can be slightly more expensive and it's not possible for a business to be profitable if it's spending too much on being sustainable.

This is why "reuse" is just as important if not more important than "recycle".  So many items that are thrown away can be reused.  The ultimate aim is to reduce unnecessary waste.

We receive huge amounts of packaging from our suppliers and from products we buy ourselves online.  Where the condition of these materials permits, we always reuse them.

Imagine how much waste could be reduced if we all reused and recycled everything that can be reused and recycled?

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