Crystals Rocks Minerals to Tempt and Tantalise You


tanzanite crystal

Tanzanite named by American Jeweller Tiffany & Co in 1968

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Tiffany Stone

tiffany stone a natural rock from Western Utah

Tiffany Stone is not related to Tiffany and Co or Tiffany Glass

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Tiger Iron

tiger iron crystals

Some tiger iron can be mistaken for tigers eye

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Tigers Eye

polished tigers eye mineral

Tigers eye associated with the optical phenomenon known as chatoyance

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the mineral topaz

Topaz can be found in many different colours but is mostly colourless

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tourmaline crystal from Brazil in a museum display cabinet

Tourmaline is a large group of more than thirty different minerals

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turquoise stone

Turquoise first gemstone to have been mined first to have been imitated

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