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Ocean Jasper Properties, Facts and Photos

close up of a colourful piece of ocean jasper

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Ocean Jasper Healing Properties

Ocean jasper can be used as a worry bead to alleviate stress, tension and to soothe nerves.  It promotes honesty and gives courage to address difficult situations and the strength to deal with them. 

The healing properties of ocean jasper make it ideal for those who feel like they're carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.  A stone of joy, it encourages a positive mood, strengthens will and brings calmness to chaos.   

Ocean jasper carries an energy of tranquility and stability. It's visually captivating and reminds you of the importance of looking after yourself.

Being associated with the ocean it's full of energy and power.  Ocean jasper can help you to navigate life's challenges with strength and resilience.

It encourages meaningful friendships and helps you to distance yourself from those who are a drain on your energy.

Ocean jasper teaches the value of patience especially when faced with situations out of your control.

It can help you to break free from outdated beliefs and thought patterns. It prompts you to examine your conscience and question behaviours.  This reminds us that in order to grow and develop the mind must remain open and curious.

The energy of ocean jasper can be particularly beneficial for those who engage in activities that demand strength, stamina and flexibility.

It can help overcome sleep problems related to anxiety and depression and calms irrational fears.

Ocean jasper encourages you to trust your instincts, believe in your ability and cultivate a strong sense of self-worth.  

With its gentle nurturing energies comes warmth, love and deep emotional healing.

What is Ocean Jasper?

Ocean Jasper is a type of rhyolite known for its unique patterns and vibrant colours.

Rhyolite is an igneous rock that forms when lava with a high silica content cools and solidifies.  

Ocean Jasper which can only be found in Madagascar is described as an orbicular jasper.  These materials are characterised by their distinctive orb-like patterns.

The patterns can vary in size, colour and arrangement.  This creates a unique and fascinating appearance.  The circular patterns are the result of quartz or feldspar needle-like crystals that come together to create spherical structures.

Orbicular jaspers can be found in many countries around the world.  The variety that's correctly known as Kabamby Ocean Jasper can only be found on the north west coast of Madagascar.

The colours in ocean jasper come from various mineral inclusions.  Red comes from iron in the form of hematite, yellow or grey is clay and shades of brown are mostly goethite.  

Ocean jasper is a registered trade name.close up of a distinctive piece of ocean jasper

Kabamby Ocean Jasper

The deposit where kabamby ocean jasper was first documented to have been found in the 1950's was incorrectly recorded as "Kabamba" which is central Madagascar.  It should have been documented as "Kabamby" which is a remote location on the north west coast.

For this reason the stone was forgotten about and remained hidden until it was rediscovered some fifty years later.

There is some evidence to suggest ocean jasper from Kabamby was discovered earlier than the 1950's.

On a receipt dated 1927 associated with a stone owned by German mining engineer and mineral collector Richard Baldauf [1848 -1931], ocean jasper was referred to as "augenjaspis" meaning "eye jasper".

Renewed interest in finding the deposit followed the publication in 1977 of a photo of a particularly striking stone.  It was published in a French encyclopaedia of minerals.

Twenty two years later in 1999 the area where ocean jasper was originally found was rediscovered.  The remote location wasn't accessible by road and only became visible during low tide.

With the only access being by sea, large mechanical digging equipment could not be transported to the site.  The stone was therefore extracted by hand before being taken by boat to the nearest large town.

Ocean jasper was introduced to the world at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in 2001.

A total of seven deposits have been found so far but most if not all are now mined out.  The original deposit in Kabamby was exhausted by 2006.

Kabamby ocean jasper is often confused for kambaba jasper.  Kambaba is also known as kabamba after the area in the Bongolava region of Madagascar where it's found.

The distance between the two locations is considerable. 

The two stones are very different but due to articles online constantly being reproduced, mostly inaccurately, facts about both stones have become entwined.

part polished ocean jasper stone from madagascar

Article Pictures

The close up images of ocean jasper in our first the picture are courtesy of Captain Tenneal.  They're clickable and redirect to the original images. 

The ocean jasper in our second picture is from our collection. 

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