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Angelite Healing Properties, Facts and Photos

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Angelite Healing Properties

Angelite is a stone of protection that enhances telepathic communication.  It dispels anger, may help with pain caused by inflammation and can encourage weight control.

The heart of its healing ability is focused around calmness, peace and tranquility.

Angelite helps with the understanding of subjects related to astrology and mathematics.  It enables astral journeys to take place whilst ensuring you remain in touch with reality.

Its powerful energy encourages truth, alleviates psychological pain and helps ease anxiety and stress.

Angelite promotes compassion and understanding and encourages the truth to be spoken in difficult situations.

Often known as the healer's stone because it heightens perception and deepens understanding, angelite protects mind and body.  It promotes compassion and creates a deep feeling of peace and calmness.

Angelite is associated with the angelic realm.  When used during meditation it can enable you to build a deep and meaningful connection with a higher spiritual dimension. Merging our mortal self with celestial energies brings profound wisdom and guidance.

Whilst experiencing this connection it's possible to find comfort, love and enlightenment beyond the limits of our earthly existence. It can lift our spirit and allow us to tap into the infinite power of divine presence, like soaring on the wings of angels. 

The healing properties of angelite are highly personal and subjective. Different people may experience different benefits based on their own beliefs, experiences and intentions.

Angelite can be used for its healing properties in different ways. Healing with crystals must always be approached with an open mind.

Crystals are beautiful naturally occurring materials that can be enjoyed by everyone. Regardless of the intended use they can bring immense pleasure and fulfilment for a variety of reasons.

What is Angelite?

Angelite is a delicate blue coloured stone used mainly for its metaphysical healing properties.  A trade name for the mineral anhydrite, this important rock forming mineral is a type of calcium sulphate.

Anhydrite comes from Greek "anhydros" meaning "waterless" because it has no water in its crystal structure.  Angelite should not be allowed to get wet because it will eventually become hydrated and turn into gypsum. 

Although anhydrite occurs in many colours including white, grey, blue, lilac, pink and red, only the more intensely blue coloured stone from Peru is officially known as angelite.

The subtle blue colour of angelite comes from traces of iron.  Although it rarely takes on a high polish the shade of colour will often be intensified due its fine grain.

A relatively soft stone angelite grades just 3.5 on Mohs scale of hardness. It's also brittle so must be handled with care.

Angelite can be found in several locations around the world including Germany, Poland, Canada, America and Mexico.  Stone from these locations tends to be a lighter shade of blue.  Although usually marketed as angelite it should really be called blue anhydrite.

Blue anhydrite has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs but it's not known if the material was mined in Egypt or came through ancient trade routes. 

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