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Angelite Healing Properties Facts and Photos

duck egg blue coloured angelite tumbled stones

An Introduction to Angelite

Angelite is a delicate blue coloured stone used mainly for its metaphysical healing properties.  A trade name for the mineral anhydrate, this important rock forming mineral is a type of calcium sulphate.

Anhydrate comes from Greek 'anhydros' meaning 'waterless' because it has no water in its crystal structure.  Although anhydrate occurs in many colours including white, grey, blue, lilac, pink and red, only stones in shades of blue or lilac are known as angelite.

A relatively soft stone angelite grades just 3.5 on Mohs scale of hardness. It's also brittle so must be handled with care.

Angelite can be found in several locations around the world including Germany, Poland, Canada, America, Peru and Mexico.

Angelite Healing Properties

When used for its healing properties angelite is a stone of protection which enhances telepathic communication.  It dispels anger, may help with pain caused by inflammation and can encourage weight control.  The heart of its healing ability is focused around calmness, peace and tranquility.

Angelite helps with the understanding of subjects related to astrology and mathematics.  It enables astral journeys to take place whilst ensuring you remain in touch with reality.  Its powerful energy encourages truth, alleviates psychological pain and helps ease anxiety and stress.

Angelite is the healer's stone because it heightens perception and deepens understanding.  It promotes compassion and creates a deep feeling of peace and calmness.

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