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Shungite Properties, Facts and Photos

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1. What is Shungite?
2. Non Crystalline Solid
3. Fullerenes in Shungite
4. Worldwide Shungite Deposits
5. Shungite Debunked
6. Shungite Healing Properties
7. Article Pictures
8. Shop Shungite

What is Shungite?

Shungite is a curious material that's relatively unknown.  Although sought after for its healing properties it's also used for water purification purposes.

Shungite has a unique appearance, distinctive texture and is surprisingly lightweight.  Rough shungite has a soot-like residue which comes from carbon.

Known to be least two billion years old shungite is believed to have formed through the metamorphism of crude oil.

In one scientific study it's described as fossilised organic material formed from sediments that date back to the Precambrian period.  This is around the time Earth began to form.

The Precambrian period began approximately 4.6 billion years ago and ended around 541 million years ago.

Shungite is coal from the Precambrian period that has metamorphosed.  It was originally algae. 

One article I read suggests it may have formed prior to organic life being established on Earth.  This has since been dismissed because proof of its biological origin has now been established.

Most carbon based materials came about because of decayed organic matter such as ancient forests.

Another article suggests Lake Onega in Russia formed from a crater made by an impact from a huge meteorite.  Shungite is found close to Lake Onega.

The article said the crater may have contributed to the formation of shungite.  Having looked into this theory I can find no factual evidence to support it.

The basin for Lake Jänisjärvi (yanis~yarvi) however which is less than two hundred miles away is known to have formed following a meteorite strike.

Shungite Non Crystalline Solid

Due to the lack of any significant crystal structure shungite is a mineraloid.  These non crystalline or amorphous solids are not categorised as minerals because they do not form crystals.

The colour of shungite can vary from a rich shade of bronze to almost black.  It's opaque and can be highly lustrous to the point where it almost looks metallic.

Shungite is known to remove organic and inorganic substances, harmful bacteria including E.coli and heavy metals from contaminated water.

Studies carried out in Russia have shown water purified with shungite has a revitalizing effect on the body.  It eases a variety of skin conditions, helps with gastrointestinal problems, kidney stones and a variety of other ailments.

Shungite water filters developed in Russia have been in use since 1995.

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Fullerenes In Shungite

The presence of fullerenes in some shungite was first described in 1992.

Fullerenes which have antioxidant properties are an allotrope of carbon.  Allotrope is the ability for a chemical element to exist in two or more forms within the same physical state.

Graphite, charcoal and diamond are all allotropes of carbon.

Fullerenes were discovered in 1985 and quickly attracted attention from different fields of science.  Today they're widely used in industry and particularly in medicine.

Worldwide Shungite Deposits

Although minor deposits of shungite have been reported in Austria, India, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kazakhstan, the original and largest source lies close to Lake Onega, Republic of Karelia, north west Russia.

Recently shungite from Colombia has appeared on the market.  To scientific testing has been carried out on this material to determine whether it's genuine shungite or another carbon material.

This link leads to a thread on Mindat.  It talks in detail about shungite from Colombia.  It's an interesting read.

In 1879 having been described as an extreme sample of non crystalline carbon, shungite was named after the village of Shun'ga.  As well as being the site of the first and largest deposit Shun'ga Village is the oldest settlement in the area with a history dating back to at least 1375.  

The Zazhoginskoe field which is approximately fourteen miles by seven is one of the world's largest shungite mining fields.

Reports estimate there are between thirty five and fifty eight million tons of stone available in the area to mine.  The vast majority of the world's shungite comes from this location.

It's important to be aware that not all shungite contains the same percentage of carbon.  The amount can vary from 10% to 100%.  Some stones being sold online as shungite are nothing more than shungite-bearing rock.

All known life forms on Earth are made up of carbon.  In humans it's the second most common element accounting for 23% of our total body weight.

group of shungite tumbled stones 

Shungite Debunked

The practice of using crystals for their healing properties can be traced back thousands of years.

Science has found no conclusive evidence to support the fact that crystals have healing properties or mystical powers.

What has been proven through scientific analysis is that shungite can remove organic and inorganic substances, harmful bacteria including E.coli and heavy metals from contaminated water.  For this reason stones are widely used for water purification purposes.

The claim shungite has the ability to heal in a medical sense comes from it being a natural source of fullerene.  Fullerenes have been studied extensively by scientists.  Fullerene molecules are composed entirely of carbon.

Fullerenes have shown to have significant antiviral and antioxidant properties so have attracted a great deal of medical interest.

Replication of HIV can be suppressed by a combination of antiviral compounds. It's therefore believed fullerenes could be used to help combat HIV and other viral diseases.  It's believed they could also be useful in many other areas of medicine.

These findings have led to claims of shungite being 'a miracle stone' with extraordinary healing properties.  Many believe it has the ability to strengthen the immune system and can even benefit those who are HIV positive.

This kind of information is inaccurate and unfounded and in the wrong hands has the potential to be extremely dangerous.
online search results showing myths associated with shungiteThe claim that shungite can protect against electromagnetic fields follows scientific testing that was carried out in Russia in 2003 on rats.

Results showed the severity of damage caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation could be decreased with shielding from shungite.  No further scientific analysis has been carried out since. 

In 2017 when shungite was applied to the skin of hairless mice who were then exposed to radiation there was a marked improvement in several skin conditions.  These included elasticity, roughness, pore size, pigmentation and wrinkle. (Ma. Easter Joy Sajo et al)

Shungite was found to have effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties compared to other screening control treatments.

Although these healing properties are believed to come from fullerenes, shungite was used because processing pure fullerene is difficult and expensive.

Water purified with shungite is said to help with many conditions because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  As yet there is no scientific evidence to support of water with shungite stones Fullerenes have huge potential to be beneficial to science.  Shungite contains fullerenes but that doesn't mean carrying a stone will have the same results that were achieved in preliminary studies carried out on mice and rats.

Furthermore, not all shungite contains fullerenes.  A scientific study carried out in 1998 found fullerenes were present in some material that was used.

Out of twelve shungite stones from Karelia, fullerenes were found in just three.  The stones were all "bright shungite of a glassy nature". (Parthasarathy et al.)

Extensive scientific studies that have been carried out show the benefits of using crystals for healing come from the placebo effect.  This curious phenomenon remains of great interest to science.

Shungite Crystal Healing Properties

Shungite is an antioxidant with exceptional anti-inflammatory capabilities.  It works as an antihistamine and can also relieve some types of pain.

It has strong shielding properties so can be used to protect against geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  A shungite stone can be carried or be placed close to a computer or other device.

Shungite is beneficial for the relief of stress and fatigue.  It boosts physical wellbeing and has a powerful effect on the immune system.

Stress is transformed into high levels of energy and mental clutter and confusion is melted away.

According to the late Judy Hall author of The Crystal Bible, shungite is great at absorbing negative energy.  It therefore needs to be cleansed and charged regularly. 

Shungite can be safely exposed to sunlight or placed under the light of a full moon.

This curious material is known to have been used for its metaphysical healing properties as early as the 18th century.  Peter the Great who ruled Russia from 1682 until his death set up a spa in Karelia to make use of its water purifying properties.

It's reported he experienced the benefits of shungite for himself.
single elite shungite stone with a metallic lustreHealers who have worked with shungite say it clears stagnant energy and can help with the release of repetitive patterns of behaviour.  It can also help you to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you.

Shungite dissolves energy blockages and can be used during meditation to cleanse the aura.  The aura which has been described as an energy field is the non physical form of our body.  It's said to be a representation of your mortal being on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Cleansing the aura to release blockages can help energy flow to the core of your physical body more freely.

Shungite can be used to release feelings of self-doubt, guilt or shame.  These thoughts patterns hold you back from reaching your full potential.  It teaches you to become more in control of your feelings and to build strong relationships with those around you.

The healing properties of shungite bring clear vision and promote a positive attitude.

Working with shungite will ensure your glass is always half full instead of half empty.  With the positive attitude it brings freedom, happiness and a notable improvement in the quality of life can be experienced.

Article Pictures

The rough elite shungite stones at the top of our article come from our collection.  The shungite stone in the second picture is courtesy of James St.John.

The tumbled shungite stones are also from our collection. All three pictures are clickable and redirect to the original photos.

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