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Stone Mania | Who We Are and What We Do

Stone Mania is a small company based in London that was launched in 2002.

In the early days, the main focus of our business was jewellery but as Stone Mania evolved, we turned our attention to crystals, rocks and minerals

Although we still have a small selection of gemstone pendants and rings, we have not had any new pieces made for some time.

The crystals, rocks, minerals and gemstones in our collection have all been individually chosen for their beauty and unique characteristics.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting on your journey of discovery, we have something for every taste and budget.

Stone Mania is more than just a great place to buy crystals online.  Our website is also a comprehensive resource with an extensive library of articles on a wide variety of subjects, mainly related to rocks and minerals.

Our primary interest in these natural curiosities is geological, but we've also embraced their use for metaphysical healing purposes

Our articles are tailored to appeal to a diverse audience and we've tried to ensure that they remain interesting and easy to understand regardless of geological knowledge.

The 'Articles & Photos' section is packed with photos that showcase the splendour of crystals, rocks and minerals.  It also includes interesting facts, history and healing properties of almost one hundred different rock and mineral varieties.

The Stone Mania blog features a further one hundred and fifteen articles, and new ones are added regularly.

We pride ourselves on writing high-quality, carefully researched articles that readers can trust and enjoy.

Many include links to other pages that are well worth visiting.

At Stone Mania, we're passionate about sharing the magnificence of crystals, rocks and minerals.  Whether you want to expand your collection or just your knowledge, we hope you enjoy your time with us online.

Read more about how and where our journey began in Stone Mania, Our story.

You can only buy crystals online through our website.  We don't sell on any other platform.

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