Crystals Rocks Minerals to Tempt and Tantalise You


polished green malachite mineral

With malachite being an ore of copper dust from this mineral is toxic

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large meteorite on display in a museum

Meteorite a natural object that originated in outer space

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moldavite from the family of glassy objects known as tektites

Moldavite part of the family of glassy objects known as tektites

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rough mookaite jasper stone

Mookaite colourful variety of jasper found only in Western Australia

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rainbow moonstone polished cabochon

The blue sheen or iridescence in moonstone is correctly known as schiller

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morganite pink beryl

Morganite one of the rarest varieties of the mineral beryl

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Mother of Pearl

mother of pearl shell

Mother of pearl an iridescent substance in the shells of some molluscs

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