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Bumblebee Jasper Properties, Facts and Photos

bumblebee jasper stone

What is Bumblebee Jasper?

Bumblebee Jasper is a relatively rare stone from West Java, Indonesia.

Although widely reported to come from Mount Papandayan, this location has only been used as a landmark near where Bumblebee Jasper is found.

Bumblebee Jasper being found at Mount Papandayan initially confused geologists because it's extremely rare for limestone to occur inside or close to a volcano.

Scientific analysis confirmed bumblebee Jasper is limestone composed primarily of calcite.

The name Jasper is misleading because this material is not Jasper.  Jasper is associated with quartz, and there's no quartz present in Bumblebee Jasper.

Bumblebee Jasper is also sometimes called agate, which is also incorrect.  From a geological perspective, agate is similar to Jasper.

Many colourful stones used for decorative purposes are given trade names.  Jasper is always popular because it's a material people are familiar with.

Trade names often cause confusion when geologists try to identify the chemical composition of a specific material.   

The yellow and orange colour of Bumblebee Jasper comes from the arsenic sulphide realgar. It was originally believed to come from another arsenic sulphide called orpiment.

Orpiment and realgar form in the same environment and share similar physical properties.  The black markings are believed to come from manganese oxides.
realgar mineral
Testing has shown that Bumblebee Jasper is high in sulphur and arsenic.  Minerals with toxic elements are safe to handle especially once polished.  The danger comes from inhaling dust or microscopic fibres.

Cutting and polishing minerals with toxic elements must be done carefully, and with appropriate breathing protection.

In Indonesia, Bumblebee Jasper is known as 'batu badar belerang'. This roughly translates to 'coal becoming sulphur'.   "Batu" means "stone" or "rock," "badar" is related to "coal" and "belerang" translates to "sulfur". 

It was named Bumblebee Jasper by an American rock and mineral enthusiast who discovered it whilst working in Indonesia.

Due to its popularity, huge amounts of Bumblebee Jasper have been mined. As a result, there is very little fine-grade material left available.

Bumblebee Jasper Healing Properties

Bumblebee Jasper is believed to cleanse and purify the human energy field.  It helps remove stagnant or negative energy and promotes balance and well-being.

It's associated with boosting vitality and physical strength. Bumblebee Jasper provides a revitalising effect and enhances stamina and energy levels.

It supports emotional healing and stability. It alleviates feelings of stress and anxiety and eases depression.

Meditating with Bumblebee Jasper promotes a sense of calm and deep emotional healing.

Bumblebee Jasper can boost self-confidence and help overcome challenges. It develops a strong sense of self-worth and assertiveness.

It provides a protective shield against negative energies, psychic attacks and electromagnetic radiation.

Using Bumblebee Jasper for its healing properties brings a sense of safety and well-being.

Article Photos

The Bumblebee Jasper stone at the top of our article is courtesy of Amir Akhavan. The realgar is courtesy of Ron Wolf.  Both images are clickable and redirect to the original photo.

The Bumblebee Jasper in the pop-up photo is courtesy of James St. John. The original photo which is here, includes in-depth geological information. 

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