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Ruby Zoisite Properties, Facts and Photos

Ruby zoisite mineral on display in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

What is Ruby Zoisite?

Ruby zoisite is a colourful metamorphic rock that combines crystals of red corundum with green zoisite.  Black inclusions of hornblende (amphibole) are often present.

Due to its striking colour, ruby zoisite is widely used for decorative purposes.  However, the difference in hardness between the two minerals, corundum and zoisite, can make working with it difficult.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, zoisite grades 6.5 whilst corundum grades 9.  Diamond, which is the hardest mineral on Earth, grades 10 on the scale.

Gem-grade red corundum is ruby.

The vast majority of ruby zoisite comes from Merelani Hills in northern Tanzania.  Another rare mineral called tanzanite also comes from this area.

The largest deposit is the Mundarara mine but smaller mines are operated by the Masai.  

The name 'anyolite' which is also sometimes used comes from the Maasai word 'anyoli' meaning 'green'.  The Maasai prefer to call ruby zoisite 'ruby in zoisite' as an expression of pride that ruby is found on their land.

The name 'ruby in zoisite' is widely used around the world.  It also happens to be a more accurate description of what this material is.

Ruby zoisite is believed to have formed during the Neoproterozoic era, which spans from approximately 1 billion to 541 million years ago.

cut and polished piece of ruby zoisite from TanzaniaAlthough often described as a mineral, ruby zoisite is a rock because it's made up of two different minerals, corundum and zoisite.  

It's often confused with ruby in fuchsite which can look very similar.  The vast majority of ruby in fuchsite comes from southern India.  With it more being readily available it's also considerably cheaper.

Fuchsite is a type of green mica that's much softer than zoisite.   

Healing Properties of Ruby Zoisite

When used for its healing properties, ruby zoisite is said to enhance psychic powers including the ability to enter a trance.  It helps increase creativity and uniqueness without losing connection with humanity.

It's believed to amplify the energy field around the body.  

Ruby zoisite helps to develop spiritual learning and enables you to better understand life and everything it has to offer.  We're the masters of our own destiny, but the pressures of everyday life often lead to us losing our way.

The combination of ruby and zoisite work together to help us untangle ourselves from what we perceive to be normal.  Our repetitive daily routine is often the very thing that's holding us back.

Only when free do we have the opportunity to find serenity and happiness.

Ruby zoisite is a stone of strength that will push you to achieve your dreams.  When used for past-life work, it brings clarity to memories and eases the journey.  It can also be used for deep healing of the soul.

Ruby zoisite promotes flair and individuality whilst keeping you grounded.  The nature of its healing properties encourages you to find freedom instead of being tied to fixed patterns of behaviour. 

For those carrying guilt or negative feelings, ruby zoisite can help you better understand yourself.  It's an ideal crystal for meditation, creating deep meaningful experiences and can bring you into contact with your spirit guide.

Ruby zoisite creates spontaneous joy and laughter and rekindles an enthusiasm for life.

The meaning and properties of ruby zoisite are entwined with the desire to be free.  This healing crystal helps you to distance yourself from the materialistic lifestyle that often brings more misery than happiness. 

Article Pictures

The ruby zoisite in the picture at the top of our article is displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C. Photo by Stone Mania.

The second picture is courtesy of Stan Celestian.  Both are clickable and redirect to the original image.

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