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Ruby Zoisite Properties Facts and Photos

Ruby zoisite mineral on display in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

About the Mineral Ruby Zoisite

Ruby zoisite is a colourful metamorphic rock that features crystals of red corundum and green zoisite.  It's not unusual for hornblende to also be present.

Due to its striking colour stones are widely used for decorative purposes.  The difference in hardness of these two minerals can make working with ruby zoisite quite difficult.  On Mohs scale of mineral hardness zoisite grades 6.5 whilst corundum grades 9.

Gem grade red corundum is ruby.

Ruby zoisite is quite a rare stone.  The vast majority comes from northern Tanzania.  The name anyolite is also sometimes used which comes from the Maasai word 'anyoli' meaning 'green'.  The Maasai prefer to call it ruby in zoisite as an expression of pride that precious ruby can be found on their land.

The name ruby in zoisite is quite widely used around the world.  It happens to be a more accurate description of what the stone is.

Ruby in zoisite is often confused with ruby in fuchsite which has a very similar appearance.  The vast majority comes from India.  With it more being readily available the stone is considerably cheaper.

cut and polished piece of ruby zoisite from Tanzania

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Ruby zoisite is said to enhance psychic powers including the ability to enter a trance.  It helps increase creativity and uniqueness without losing connection with humanity.  It also  amplifies the energy field around the body.  

It can help develop spiritual learning and enable you to have a better understanding of life and everything it has to offer.

Ruby zoisite can be helpful for past life work and for healing the soul.  It promotes individuality whilst keeping you on the same level as the rest of humanity.  The combination of ruby and zoisite work together to offer support and strength and can help you work towards achieving your dreams.

For those carrying guilt or negative feelings it can help to create a better understanding.  An ideal stone for meditation, it creates deep meaningful experiences and enables you to connect with your spiritual guide.

Ruby zoisite creates spontaneous joy and laughter and brings with it an enthusiasm for life.

Article Photos

The ruby zoisite in the photo at the top is on display in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C. Photo by Stone Mania. The second photo is courtesy of Stan Celestian.  Both are clickable and redirect to the original non-compressed image.

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