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Shopping from the EU?

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Shopping with Stone Mania from the EU

If you reside in an EU country and want to make a purchase from Stone Mania this information is for you.

With the United Kingdom no longer being part of the European Union you will be charged V.A.T by your postal service before your order can be delivered.

A handling and processing fee will also be charged.  

V.A.T will be the rate charged in your country.  Handling and processing fees vary from one EU member state to the next.

At Stone Mania we want to make shopping online with us as easy and as affordable as possible. So we've come up with a workable solution that enables you to pay V.A.T at the time of making your purchase.

Unfortunately this is not something we are able to build into our website at this time. 

Here's what you need to do. 

Once you've decided on the product you wish to buy add it your Wish List and then send us an email.  

We will then list the product on our eBay account. We will then send you a link to access the listing.   

When shopping on eBay with a business outside of European Union V.A.T relevant to your country is paid as part of the transaction.

With it not being necessary for you to pay V.A.T locally when your order arrives no handling fees will be incurred.

The transaction will be completed on eBay with payment being made through PayPal.

If you prefer to complete the transaction on our website feel free to do so.

With the UK no longer being within the EU it has made doing business with European Union countries far more difficult.
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