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Larimar Properties Facts and Photos

larimar mineral specimen

Larimar Variety of Blue Pectolite

Larimar is a variety of the mineral blue pectolite.  It can only be found in the south wDominican Republic.

The mine is located in a remote mountainous region in the south west of the country.

This blue and white stone is promoted as the 'gem of the Caribbean'.  This is not only because of where larimar is found but also because its colour and markings resemble the Caribbean Sea.

A spiritual master once claimed the islands in the Caribbean were part of the lost continent of Atlantis.  He said one day they would produce a blue stone with the power to heal.  In the belief this was a reference to larimar, the name Atlantis Stone is also sometimes used.

In 1916 the first official record of larimar was made by the parish priest of Barahona.  He requested permission to excavate the land but permission was denied.  There was no further mention of larimar until 1974.

After hearing local fisherman had been finding beautiful blue stones on the beach, a local artisan went to investigate. He was accompanied by an American Peace Corps volunteer who was also a geologist.

The mine was found approximately ten kilometres up in the rugged mountains that line the coast.  Stones were being carried down to the beach in a river that empties into the sea.

The stone was initially named 'travelina' which later changed to Larimar.  The name was a combination of 'Larissa' who was the artisan's daughter and the Spanish word 'mar' meaning 'sea'.

The colour of larimar has shown to be stable.  This means it doesn't fade when exposed to sunlight.  Tests have also concluded the stone is not enhanced before being cut and polished. 

Metaphysical Healing Properties

Larimar is only used for decorative purposes.  It grades 5 to 7 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

Highly sought after for its metaphysical properties, it can be used to balance extremes of emotion, encourage tolerance, relax conscious awareness and to broaden experience of space and time.

Larimar awakens inner wisdom when moving through periods of stress and change.  It enables challenges to be met whilst staying level headed.  It draws you closer to your soul mate and helps to heal heartache and pain from relationships.

When used in reflexology it pinpoints the site of disease and clears meridians.

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