Crystals Rocks Minerals to Tempt and Tantalise You


colourless calcite mineral

Calcite a common mineral with more crystal structures than any other

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rich marmalade coloured carnelian mineral positioned on a small stand

Carnelian reddish orange brown variety of quartz that's often banded

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chalcedony mineral on a white background

Pronounced kal~SED~uh~nee this mineral is a fine grained variety of quartz

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Large triangular shaped piece of the mineral charoite in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Charoite exhibits lilac to purple colour with beautiful swirling patterns

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large chrysocolla mineral on display in a museum display cabinet

Chrysocolla a soft and fragile mineral that must be handled carefully

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emerald green coloured chrysoprase mineral. A rough piece on a small stand.

Chrysoprase green variety of quartz widely used for decorative purposes

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Natural citrine terminated crystal. Positioned upright against a dark background.

Citrine relatively rare yellow variety of quartz. Birthstone for November

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tablet of copper

The history of copper can be traced back at least 10,000 years

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red corundum rough mineral

Only red corundum is known as ruby all other colours are sapphire

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