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Sugilite Properties Facts and Photos

rich purple sugilite in a display cabinet

1. Some History of Sugilite
2. Worldwide Deposits
3. Healing Properties
4. More Facts
5. Article Photos
6. Our Collection of Sugilite

History of the Mineral Sugilite

Sugilite was once also known as luvulite although the name is now very rarely used.  This relatively rare mineral was first discovered in Japan in 1944.  In 1976 it was named after Professor Ken-ichi Sugi, the eminent petrologist who found it.

The greenish yellowish brown stone that he discovered was visually quite different to the purple stone found many years later in South Africa.

The sugilite found in Japan was at the time believed to be a variety of eudialyte.  With this already being a known mineral, the stone was not believed to be a new find.  It was another thirty two years before sugilite was finally classified as a mineral in its own right. 

In 1973 a new source of sugilite came to light.  It was found in an area known as the Kalahari Manganese Field in the Southern Kalahari Desert, South Africa.

As well as the size dwarfing any deposit that had been found previously, the quality of the stone was far superior.  The vast majority came from the Wessels Mine although much smaller quantities were also found in the adjacent N'Chwaning Mine.

Worldwide Deposits

Although sugilite occurs as crystals and in massive form crystals are very rare.  They have only been found in a small number of locations worldwide.

The vast majority of sugilite and certainly the finest grade material comes from the Kalahari Manganese Field.  Located in the Northern Cape of South Africa, this is the largest known manganese deposit on earth.  It lies amongst sedimentary rocks known to be more than two billion years old.

Over the last few years smaller deposits of gem grade sugilite have been found in Italy, New South Wales, Mount Saint-Hilaire Canada and Tajikistan.  It has also reportedly been found in India but because of the limited amount present and low grade, the find has not been pursued.
sugilite mineral in a museum display cabinet

Metaphysical Healing Properties

When used for its healing properties sugilite strengthens the heart, aids physical healing and reduces stress.  It balances the mind body and spirit and encourages peace of mind and a general feeling of well-being and spiritual love.

Due to the present of manganese sugilite is said to be a good remedy for a headache. 

Sugilite counteracts the feeling of alienation or isolation and reduces tension about what you want and what can realistically be achieved.polished sugilite stone
A major love stone it brings wisdom and opens all the chakras to the acceptance of love and a path of happiness. It helps find answers to questions about life such as why am I here?  What is my destiny?

Having a close relationship with love makes sugilite perfect for protecting the soul against shock and trauma.  It can often bring light into the darkest situations.

Sugilite promotes understanding on a mental level whilst emotionally it helps with the ability to face difficult situations.  It eases sorrow, grief and fear and encourages positive thoughts and behaviour.

A stone for those who need love and support, sugilite is an essential companion for those who find certain aspects of everyday life a struggle.

A Few More Facts

The name sugilite is often pronounced with a soft 'g' as in the word 'genius'.  It should in fact be said with a hard 'g' as in 'gold'.  This is because the surname of the person after whom it was named is pronounced in this way. 

On Mohs scale of mineral hardness sugilite grades 7 which makes it a relatively hard stone.

The finest grade material when in massive form is known as gel sugilite.  Due to its rarity the smallest piece can command eye-watering prices.

A considerable amount of our business is done in South Africa yet in recent years it has been extremely difficult to find any sugilite.  The material we have been able to find certainly isn't cheap.

Sugilite is a rare stone that's highly sought after by rock and mineral collectors around the world.

five rough sugilite stones sitting in a shallow cardboard lid

Article Photos

The sugilite in the photo at the top of our article is courtesy of Steve (singingstone48) - Flickr).  The second piece is on display in the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Massachusetts, USA.  The single polished stone and rough pieces were once part of our collection.

Most of the photos are clickable and redirect to the original non-compressed image.  

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