Crystals Rocks Minerals to Tempt and Tantalise You

Agate Stone

Agate stone with colourful banding. A museum exhibit on a blackened background

The history of agate can be traced back more than 2000 years

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amazonite mineral in a museum display cabinet

Amazonite aka Amazon Stone blue green variety of the mineral microcline

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piece of an amethyst geode with large rich purple coloured crystals

Amethyst purple variety of the mineral quartz. Birthstone for February

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duck egg blue coloured angelite tumbled stones

Angelite a blue stone used primarily for its healing properties

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small collection of rough blue apatite stones

Apatite occurs in many colours. It can also be colourless or multicoloured

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large horizontal aquamarine crystal in a museum display cabinet

Aquamarine popular gemstone and blue green variety of the mineral beryl

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the mineral aragonite

Aragonite named after Molina de Aragón where it was discovered in 1797

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rough green aventurine stones

Aventurine variety of quartz usually identified by its platy inclusions

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The minerals azurite and malachite are both forms of oxidised copper

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