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The Meaning of Garnet

deep red coloured round garnet gemstone. The stone has been faceted.

Garnet Meaning and Properties

The meaning of "garnet" comes from the Latin word "granatus" meaning "containing many seeds (or grains)".  The word is believed to originate from the Old Latin word "granum" meaning "grain" or "seed".

Some articles claim "granatus" means pomegranate but that's not correct.  The Latin for pomegranate is pōmum grānātum which means seeded apple.

It's difficult to say for certain why garnet was named after this fruit because language have evolved so much over the years. 

The most likely reason is because the stone's deep red colour resembled the colour of the seeds.
whole pomegranate with two smaller cut sections to one side with red seedsGarnet is a gemstone with a long history and a variety of meanings depending on cultural and historical contexts.  When used for its healing properties it's associated with strength, power and vitality.

Its dark red colour is believed to symbolise life force, passion and courage. It's considered to be a stone of physical and emotional energy stimulating motivation and endurance.

Garnet is sometimes regarded as a protective talisman. It's believed to shield the wearer from negative energies, promote grounding and provide a sense of security.

It can also be used to ward off evil spirits and nightmares.

Throughout history due to its colour garnet has been associated with love and passion.  It's considered to be a stone of commitment and devotion. It's often given as a gift to express love, affection and friendship.

The Princess of Wales was seen wearing a garnet ring early in her relationship with Prince William.  With her birthday being in January garnet is her birthstone.  The ring also featured pearls which is William's birthstone.

In some traditions the healing properties of garnet are believed to promote regeneration. It's said to assist with circulation, boost the immune system and aid in recovery from illness or trauma.

The properties of garnet are also linked to emotional healing.  It's said to help release negative patterns of behaviour and promote self-confidence.

It enhances spiritual awareness, stimulates the flow of energy and facilitates meditation and visualization.

Garnet aligns the base and crown chakras promoting a harmonious connection between the physical and spiritual realms. It encourages energy to flow freely along the spine bringing balance wherever it's needed.

In medieval times garnet was believed to keep travellers safe.  Those who wore it were said to be protected from poison and the plague.

More interesting facts and geological properties can be found in our our article "Garnet Healing Properties, Facts and Photos".

The photo of the garnet gemstone at the top of our article is courtesy of Captain Tenneal.  It's clickable and redirects to the original image.
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