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Fluorite Crystal Healing Properties

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What is Fluorite Used For?

Fluorite has powerful healing properties that can help with mental clarity and focus. It can benefit those who are indecisive and help you focus on your goals.

Fluorite stimulates the mind so can be used to enhance memory and learning.  It can increase mental awareness and assist with organising and processing information.

The late Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Bible books, says fluorite has powerful emotional healing properties. It can help release negative emotions and motivate one to let go of emotional attachments.

Fluorite crystals can be used to promote self-love, self-confidence and self-worth. Their calming energy melts away stress and anxiety.

Fluorite is often used in meditation because it's believed to promote spiritual growth and inner peace.

In crystal healing circles, fluorite is used to enhance intuition, increase awareness of spiritual energies and help build a connection with your higher self.

It may also be used to protect against negative energy and to provide a shield against psychic attacks.

You may choose a specific colour when using fluorite for its healing properties.  Purple can be used for spiritual healing, green for emotional healing and yellow for mental clarity and focus.

How to Charge Fluorite Crystals

Crystal healers recommend cleansing fluorite before using it for the first time.  Crystals can be safely submerged in water but should not be left for any length of time.

I wouldn't recommend using salt when cleansing any crystal. Salt is corrosive so is likely to damage many minerals, especially those that are soft, like fluorite.

The colour of some fluorite is sensitive to light so is known to fade if exposed to natural daylight.  Excessive heat may also cause colours to change.

It's often recommended that crystals used for their healing properties be charged in sunlight to rid them of negative energy.  However, since some fluorite is sensitive to heat and light, I wouldn't recommend this.

Crystals can also be charged in the light of the moon.  If leaving them outside, be aware of the temperature.

Another effective way of charging crystals is through smudging.
a lady smudging a blue crystal with smoke. She has various other minerals and a candle burning on the tray in front of her

What is Smudging?

Smudging is a cleansing ritual used in crystal healing and other spiritual practices.  It removes negative energy and purifies a space or object.

Smudging involves burning herbs, often sage, but any herb can be used.  Palo Santo, which is particularly popular, can also be used.

Palo santo is wood from palo santo trees found primarily in South America. 

In crystal healing, smudging is a great alternative to submerging crystals in water or charging them in the sun.  The smoke is believed to remove negative energy that may have built up.

Many crystals used for their healing properties absorb negative energy from the environment and those who handle them. Smudging can help reset or recharge the energy hence restoring their natural vibration.

The best way to smudge your crystals is with a smudge stick.  Hold one crystal at a time in the smoke for a few seconds whilst rotating it to ensure all sides are cleansed.

Many people who use crystals for healing say they often feel more energised after being smudged.

Smudging can also be used to cleanse the energy of a space. This tends to be done at the beginning or end of a crystal healing session or meditation practice.

The mineral fluorite is widely used for its metaphysical healing properties.

It's a colourful crystal that forms in cubes and octahedrons.  An octahedron resembles two pyramids joined base to base.purple cube shaped crystal of the mineral fluorite on matrixFluorite crystals are relatively soft, so they must be handled carefully.  They can chip, crack or fracture easily, so it's not unusual for stones to have minor imperfections.

Fluorite has a vitreous lustre which refers to the way the surface of the crystal reflects light. Rocks and minerals with this kind of lustre reflect light in a similar way to glass.

Twinned crystals are relatively common in fluorite.  Crystals that occur in this way look as if one crystal is merging into another.

In its purest form, fluorite is colourless but trace impurities of other minerals cause a wide range of colours.  Fluorite is often known as 'the most colourful mineral in the world' because it can exhibit more colours than any other mineral.

three colourful fluorite terminated points

Humans have enjoyed natural crystals for thousands of years for their aesthetic value and healing properties.

Fluorite is a beautiful crystal but must be treated with care.

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