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What is Angelite?

subtle blue coloured angelite sphere

9 Interesting Facts About Angelite

1. Angelite is a blue-coloured stone mainly used for its healing properties.

2. Angelite is a trade name for the mineral anhydrite. Anhydrite, which is a rock-forming mineral, is a type of calcium sulphate.

3. Only blue material mined in Peru can use the trade name Angelite.  Other colours and stone mined elsewhere is known simply as anhydrite.

4. Anhydrite comes from the Greek word 'anhydros' meaning 'waterless'.  The name came about because the mineral has no water in its crystal structure. 

5. Angelite must be stored somewhere cool and dry.  If exposed to moisture, it will slowly turn into gypsum.

6. Angelite is a soft stone that scratches easily.

7. The trade name 'Angelite' came about because when used for its healing properties, it's associated with the angelic realm.

8. The subtle blue colour of Angelite is believed to come from impurities of iron. 

9. Blue anhydrite has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs but it's not known if it was mined there or arrived along ancient trade routes.
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