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five fine grade blue lace agate polished stones

Blue Lace Agate

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Stunning Blue Lace Agate from Namibia


Highly polished blue lace agate, each of this fine grade translucent stones exhibits subtle colour and distinctive banding.  They're incredibly tactile so could be used as a worry bead to help with stress and relaxation.  Once in your hand it's really quite difficult to put the stone down.

Small amounts of blue lace agate can be found in several countries around the world but the vast majority comes from an area of arid desert in southern Namibia close to the border with South Africa. The deposit which lies close to the Orange River was discovered in the 1960's by George Swanson who subsequently mined it extensively until his death in 2010. Although mining operations have now been scaled back, small quantities continue to be mined there.

As recently as 2015 the only access to the main excavation where blue lace agate was being mined was either with a rickety chain ladder or by abseiling down into the narrow trench.  The agate was then being chiselled out from the face of the rock either by hand or with a pneumatic hammer or drill and was raised to the surface in large buckets.  The excavation was a long narrow trench about fifty metres deep.  

We fell in love with these stones as soon as we saw them but sadly there were only five available.  Slightly translucent and exceptionally tactile, each one of these polished blue lace agate stones is unique in its own way.

A particularly hard mineral which makes it relatively easy to work with, most of the finest grade material ends up being used for gemstones.

In crystal healing blue lace agate is said to be serene and calming with the ability to activate and heal the throat chakra.  For this reason it's said to be an ideal companion for those who are suffering with a cold or the flu.

Having a vitreous lustre means the surface of these stones interact with light in a similar way to glass.

Weights and sizes of these blue lace agate stones can be found in the dropdown list.  Choose the piece that you'd like before proceeding to checkout.  Each piece comes in a protective gift pouch.

1. Back row first stone left hand side
2. Back row middle stone
3. Back row third stone from left hand side
4. Front row first stone left hand side
5. Front row second stone from left hand side

To see some truly magnificent photos of blue lace agate and to read everything there is to know about this stone, take some time out of your day to explore this beautiful website.  




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