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single terminated smoky quartz crystalSmoky Quartz Terminated Point | Stone Mania
single terminated smoky quartz crystal
translucent terminated smoky quartz mineral
single smokey quartz crystal
terminated smoky quartz crystal standing upright

Smoky Quartz

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Weight (grams) :69
Size (cms) : 5.6 x 3.4 x 3
Product Code: SMPQ



Terminated Smoky Quartz Crystal


Wonderfully translucent rough smoky quartz crystal from South Africa.  One of only a few brown or black coloured minerals from which gemstones can be cut, smoky quartz is sometimes confused for smoky topaz although the two minerals have little in common.  Known for its large crystals which can often be free from inclusions, smoky quartz can be found in several locations around the worldwide and a specific variety from Cairn Gorm in the eastern highlands of Scotland is known as cairngorm. 

Although relatively hard (7 on Mohs scale) smoky quartz is also brittle so must be handled carefully.  Consideration should be given as to where it's placed because bright sunlight will over time cause its colour to fade.




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