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Septarian Sphere

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Septarian Nodules or Concretions


Our collection of polished septarian spheres, individually and meticulously chosen by the team at Stone Mania.

Septarian is a popular and distinctive stone widely used as a lapidary material.  Its name comes from the Latin word septum meaning a dividing partition between tissues or cavities which is a more accurate description of what this material actually is.  Today the word septum is used to describe the fleshy partition in our nose that divides one nostril from the other.

Although often described as a mineral, septarian is in fact a rock that's more correctly known as a septarian nodule or concretion. The difference between a rock and a mineral is rocks are usually made up of at least two minerals whereas minerals are made up of crystals.  The minerals present in septarian are primarily calcite, aragonite and limestone.

Septarian nodules formed around the time dinosaurs disappeared and are sometimes described as a kind of prehistoric mud ball.  They formed in water over millions of years and and geologists now have a pretty good idea about how they evolved.

Each septarian sphere in our photograph is standing on an elegant hematite ring.  These polished rings are ideal for supporting a rock or mineral sphere of any size and are available to buy separately.  It's important to note the mineral hematite is brittle so rings must be handled carefully.

To view all of the septarian nodule spheres in our collection please refer to the listings below.  The weight, size and price of each sphere can be found on the respective page.  Please bear in mind these are natural rocks that have been polished so some do have very minor indentations or anomalies.


1. SPTS-2 is being offered at a slightly reduced price because of a small (4mm x 3mm) indentation in the yellow calcite section of the sphere.   



septarian nodule polished sphere sitting on a small hematite ring
Weight (grams) : 189.2
Size (cms) : 5.2 in diameter
septarian sphere positioned on a small hematite ring
Weight (grams) : 155.4
Size (cms) : 4.7 in diameter

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