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slice of the mineral black tigers eyeBlack Tigers Eye | Stone Mania
slice of the mineral black tigers eye
slice of the mineral black tigers eye
slice of the mineral black tigers eye

Black Tigers Eye

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Fantastic Black Tigers Eye Slice


This black tigers eye mineral is highly polished on just one side which can't really be appreciated in our photo because it has been positioned in a way that  minimises reflections due to its dark colour.  A subtle ghost-like sheen runs across the length of this mineral just above centre and is visible irrespective of the angle at which the slice is being held.  As it's gently rocked back and forth slight chatoyance can be seen but it's not easy to capture in a photo.  The more light that's present the stronger the phenomenon because it's caused as light reflects off fibres within the stone but with more light you also get more reflection which is why it's so difficult to capture on camera.

The back of this black tigers eye slice has not been polished and does not exhibit chatoyance.  It's a great piece that would fit comfortably into any collection of polished minerals.

If you're on Instagram we've added a clip of the chatoyance seen in this black tigers eye stone but what you can see is not as prominent as when the stone is actually in your hand.

Weight (grams) : 67.2
Size (cms) : 9 x 6.1 x 0.6




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