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What is Schiller?

the optical phenomenon known as schiller in labradorite

Schiller An Optical Reflectance

Schiller is an optical phenomenon seen in certain rocks, minerals and gemstones.  A kind of sheen, it's caused as light reflects off layers beneath the surface of the stone.

When schiller is present in labradorite it can also be called labradorescence.  This name came about because labradorite is renowned for this optical phenomenon.

The word adularescence is also sometimes used but tends to be associated with the subtle glow of light seen in moonstone.

The word 'schiller' is believed to come from an old German word for 'twinkle'.

Article Photo

Schiller can be seen in the labradorite stone in our photo due to the angle of light.  Photo courtesy of Stan Celestian. 

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