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What is the Etheric Body?

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Etheric Body Layer of the Aura

The etheric body is a concept in some esoteric and spiritual belief systems. It's said to be a 'subtle body' that surrounds and penetrates the physical body.  It's believed to be a blueprint of the human form.

The etheric body is said to be composed of etheric matter, which is finer and more ethereal than the physical matter that makes up the human body.

The etheric body which connects to the physical body through the chakras, is responsible for health and well-being.

Some belief systems claim the etheric body can be seen by certain individuals with a heightened level of spiritual perception.  They also believe it can be developed and strengthened through spiritual practices such as meditation, energy work and through the use of crystals.

It's important to note this concept is not supported by science.

The word 'etheric' comes from the Greek 'aither' which refers to the 'upper regions of the air' or 'the pure unclouded sky'.

In ancient Greek cosmology, the 'aither' was considered the fifth element.  It was believed to be the substance that fills the upper regions of the universe and the medium through which light travels.

The term 'etheric body' is used in several spiritual and esoteric belief systems. The Theosophical tradition and Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn developed a complex system of correspondence between the physical body, the etheric body and other subtle bodies.

The precise meaning of etheric body can vary depending on the spiritual or esoteric belief system in which it's used.

The Theosophical tradition is a spiritual and philosophical movement that emerged in the United States in the late 19th century. It proposed the existence of a hidden wisdom tradition passed down through the ages that underpins all of the world's religious and spiritual teachings.
""Theosophy teaches that the universe and all living beings are fundamentally spiritual.  Theosophical tradition aims to understand the nature of the self and the universe and gain spiritual insight and knowledge that can lead to personal transformation and spiritual advancement.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a secret society active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was founded in London by a group of people interested in the occult, magic and spiritual development.

The Golden Dawn's teachings were influenced by the Theosophical tradition and other spiritual and occult movements of the time.  They were based on the Hermetic Qabalah, a system of mysticism and magic that drew on Jewish, Christian and Gnostic traditions as well as alchemy, astrology and other forms of divination.

The Golden Dawn's teachings also included a system of ceremonial magic and the use of ritual and symbolic forms of meditation. The ultimate goal of the Golden Dawn was the spiritual development of its members through the study of mysticism and magic and the attainment of spiritual insight and understanding.

The Golden Dawn and Hermetic Both were part of late 19th century Western esoteric traditions and drew on a wide range of spiritual and philosophical influences.  They played an important role in the development of the concept of the etheric body and other similar concepts.

What is Gnosticism?

Gnosticism is a collection of ancient spiritual and philosophical beliefs that emphasise the idea of direct personal experience of a transcendent reality, often described as "the knowledge of oneself" or "the knowledge of the divine."

Gnostics believed this knowledge could be attained through spiritual practices such as meditation, self-reflection and studying certain texts and teachings.

The term 'Gnosticism comes from the Greek '"gnosis' meaning 'knowledge.'  Gnostics believed the material world was created by an inferior, ignorant deity and that the true divine being is unknowable and unapproachable.

They believed the human soul is a spark of the divine and that it's trapped in the material world.

According to gnostics, the ultimate goal of human existence is to transcend the material world and attain gnosis or the knowledge of the true divine being and one's own true nature.

Gnosticism, which emerged in the 1st century AD among Jewish and early Christian sects was considered a major religious movement.   Over time, it lost its significance as a distinct religious movement but its ideas continue to influence various spiritual traditions.

Today, Gnosticism is found in the New Age movement. Followers believe one becomes 'enlightened' in order to be elevated to the spiritual cosmic realm, hence leaving the confines of this material 'evil' world.

The etheric body is the first or lowest layer in the human energy field or aura. It's said to be in immediate contact with the physical body to sustain and connect it with higher bodies.

The Etheric Body is an Energy Field

The etheric body is an energy field that connects to and assists in maintaining the physical form. It acts as a buffer for energy forces which are relayed to the physical form from higher dimensions.

The etheric body transmits these forces via the central nervous system and the endocrine and circulatory systems.

It revitalises physical cells and when in alignment with the physical body, stimulates the quest toward the attainment of mental, physical, and emotional perfection.

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