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Gemstone Pendants, Tumble Stones, Crystals, Rocks, Minerals

Stone Mania began selling gemstone jewellery in 2003 and it wasn't long before we focussed our attention specifically on ladies gemstone pendants.  Each pendant in our collection is crafted by hand in fine sterling silver by one of a small team of artisans and features a single semi precious stone.  Over the last ten years we have become the UK's leading online retailer of gemstone pendants and our customers have enjoyed shopping online from an exclusive collection of over one thousand unique pieces, all of which feature semi precious stones that have been meticulously chosen by a member of our team.

At the start of 2014, we announced that we would shortly be introducing tumble stones, crystals, rocks and minerals to our collection and we can confirm that these items are now slowly being added to our website. Our interest in this field came about following many years of choosing gemstones for our jewellery.  Having decided quite early on that we were going to specialize in ladies pendants, we wanted to ensure that each one was quite unique so started sourcing different gemstone varieties from a range of manufacturers and then we subsequently chose each gemstone individually.  In doing this we discovered hundeds of beautiful stones that we didn't know even existed and each time we found a new variety, we researched it and documented our findings in the Gemstone Directory section of our website.  Slowly what started off as a business, also became our hobby.

In recent years with the explosion of the internet and the dramatic rise in the amount of ladies jewellery being sold online, we decided it was time for us to move on and our newfound passion for crystals, rocks and minerals made it very easy to decide which direction to go in.  After considerable planning and several recent trips to Africa, we are now gradually uploading our new tumble stones, crystals, rocks and minerals to our website.  We also made the decision to return to St Albans market on a Saturday after a break of almost six years, so everything on our website can also be bought directly from us there.   We currently do not have a permanent stand so our location changes from week to week, we therefore post on Facebook (Stone Mania) and Twitter (@stonemania_) each Saturday morning our exact location in the market.

As well as our collection of tumble stones which include over fifty different varieties, many of the crystals, rocks and minerals that we've chosen come from various locations in and around Africa.  We hope that you love them as much as we do and for those ladies who enjoy wearing our gemstone pendants, rest assured that these will remain part of our collection for the foreseeable future.

Stone Mania has led the way over the last ten years with our collection of ladies pendants, however we are now hoping to transform the UK online market with our collection of tumble stones, crystals, rocks and minerals. Nothing that we buy is purchased from distributors in the UK, all of our pieces are chosen individually by us and although so far we have only been to Africa, we are already planning trips to other countries around the world.


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