Hematite Pendant

Moonstone Pendant

Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant
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Red Jasper Pendant

Noreena Jasper Pendant

Leopardskin Jasper Pendant

Turquoise Pendant


Imperial Jasper Pendant

Tiffany Stone Pendant


Blue Topaz Ring (J)

Crystals, Rocks, Minerals, Gemstone Pendants


Welcome to Stone Mania, a UK based online shop for crystals, rocks, minerals, tumbled stones and hand crafted gemstone pendants.  As well as trading online, we can also be found in in St Albans market in Hertfordshire each and every Saturday.  Whilst shopping with us online, if you'd like any further information on any of our products, you can either chat live with us in real time whenever we're online through the chat applet or there are also several alternative ways to contact us.

All of the gemstone pendants in our collection have been crafted by hand exclusively for Stone Mania and feature the finest grade cabochon and faceted gemstones.  Each piece has been meticulously chosen by one of our team and with the exception Swiss Blue Topaz which has been crafted in 18 carat white gold, all of our pendants are crafted in fine sterling silver.  Our collection of minerals come mainly from the African contenent and once again, each piece has been carefully chosen with the aim of offering our customers a large and varied selection of beautiful and completely natural crystals, rocks, minerals and tumbled stones.

Stone Mania deals in wholesale and retail sales and new pendants and minerals are added to our website on a regular basis.  We offer free delivery on orders over ¬£30 however postal supplements may apply to some heavier items.  To keep up to date with what we're doing, where in the world we are and current promotions, follow us on Facebook and we'll keep you well informed. 

Thanks for dropping by and do come back and visit us again soon.


Crystals, Rocks, Minerals, Gemstone Pendants


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