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Boulder Opal Pendant

Rhodochrosite Pendant

Noreena Jasper Pendant

Mystery Pendant (2)

Eclipse Pendant
£93.00 £62.00

Aquamarine pendant

Hematite Pendant

Lemon Quartz Pendant

Rainbow Fluorite Pendant
£55.00 £31.00

Rainbow Calsilica Pendant

Rainbow Calsilica Pendant

Blue Topaz Pendant

Gemstone Pendants, Crystals, Rocks, Minerals

Stone Mania began trading in 2003 with a small selection of ladies gemstone jewellery, but following a chance meeting in India with a supplier of crystals, rocks and minerals, everything rapidly changed. In the months that followed, instead of ready-made jewellery, we started buying loose cabochon gemstones that we chose ourselves which were subsequently mounted as gemstone pendants in a simple sterling silver setting. Although initially sceptical as to whether selling such a large collection of pendants would work, any doubt soon disappeared as we realised how popular they were.  As the business took off, we bought in larger volumes and before long were having hundreds of pieces in a wide variety of shapes and sizes made each month. Within a couple of years Stone Mania had established itself as one of the UK's leading online retailers of ladies gemstone pendants and at times, we had as many as one hundred and fifty different gemstone varieties available.

The business went from strength to strength and the quality of our stones continually improved as did the standard of workmanship. Each pendant was being crafted by hand exclusively for us by a skilled artisan and we were carefully choosing all of the gemstones ourselves.  We learnt so much during those early years about crystals, rock and minerals and even though we didn't realise it at the time, were gradually developing a serious passion for them. Of course running your own business should always be exciting especially if it's doing well, but by far the most exciting part for us was sourcing and choosing the gemstones. Many of our pendants are on the large and chunky side as these quickly proved to be extremely popular.

Towards the end of 2013, we decided it was time for us to slowly start moving away from the jewellery market and to concentrate more specifically on what we are now most passionate about which is crystals, rocks and minerals.  Following several carefully planned trips to Africa, Asia, Canada and America, we have now accumulated a wonderful and varied collection of pieces which includes many grade A tumble stones and everything is slowly being added to our website. Although we are no longer having gemstone pendants made, we do have enough in stock for the foreseeable future so they willl still be available for some time to come.

As well as selling online through our website, we are also back in St Albans market on a Saturday after an abscence of almost six years, so everything that we have, can also be bought directly from us there.

Thanks for reading about Stone Mania and our journey so far, if you'd like to follow our ongoing progress, you can do so on Facebook or Twitter and of course if you're ever in St Albans on a Saturday, feel free to drop by and say hello.



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