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Amethyst Pendant

Tiger Iron Pendant

Leopardskin Jasper Pendant

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Rose Quartz Ring (K)

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Leopardskin Jasper Pendant

Tiffany Stone Pendant

Gemstone Pendants, Crystals, Rocks, Minerals

Stone Mania has been selling ladies gemstone pendants since 2003.  Each piece of jewellery in our collection has been crafted by hand and features a meticulously chosen semi precious stone.  Although our pendants come in a wide variety of sizes, many tend to be quite large and chunky and all are mounted in fine sterling silver.

Early in 2014, we began adding a range of crystals, rocks and minerals to our collection and this section is now steadily growing in size.  During the early years of Stone Mania, we never really planned on selling ladies jewellery for any length of time, but during our frequent trips to India, we became completely distracted by all the magnificent polished gemstones that we discovered. The few that we initially bought and had crafted into gemstone pendants, quickly sold and before long we were returning on a regular basis to buy more and more.  In the years that followed, we became the UK’s leading online retailer of ladies gemstone pendants and it has taken us over ten years to finally move the focus of the business to what we had originally planned on selling, crystals, rocks and minerals.

Following several trips to Africa, we now have an exclusive collection of crystals, rocks and minerals to complement our gemstone pendants.  As has always been the case, you can shop online or buy direct from us in St Albans market in Hertfordshire, (Saturdays only). To find out exactly where we are in the market as our location changes from one week to the next, you can either call us or follow us on Facebook or Twitter where we post our location each week.  We also use both of these social media sites to keep our customers updated on new pieces that have been added to our website.


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