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Mother of Pearl Pendant

Rainbow Calsilica Pendant

Noreena Jasper Pendant

Tiffany Stone Pendant

Black Tigers Eye Pendant
£76.99 £56.99

Noreena Jasper Pendant

Rainbow Calsilica Pendant

Rainbow Moonstone pendant
£88.00 £62.00

Scenic Jasper Pendant

Amethyst Pendant

Eclipse Pendant

Polychrome Jasper Pendant

Crystals, Rocks, Minerals, Gemstone Pendants


Shop online with Stone Mania for ladies pendants featuring meticulously chosen gemstones hand crafted in fine sterling silver and an exciting collection of crystals, rocks and minerals from around the world.  All of our gemstones and minerals have been bought and imported by us during regular visits to Africa, Asia and the United States.  As well as trading online through our website, you can also buy direct from us in St Albans market in Hertfordshire each and every Saturday.  You will generally find us close to DunkinDonuts at the top end of St Peter's Street, however you can always message us through Facebook or Twitter, or call us using our 0800 number to confirm our exact location if you're planning on coming to see us.


Crystals, Rocks, Minerals, Gemstone Pendants


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