elite grade shungite highly lustrous individual stonesElite Grade Shungite
elite grade shungite highly lustrous individual stones
elite grade shungite a very rare mineral from russia
elite grade shungite a very rare mineral from russia
elite grade shungite a very rare mineral from russia

Shungite (Elite)

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We import our elite shungite directly from the source in Russia where it's mined and the elite variety is the finest grade material that's available. It contains the highest percentage of carbon and is suitable for water purification purposes.

Shungite is lustrous and surprisingly light weight, it has a unique texture and freshly mined stones have a soot-like residue. Being so rare because it's only found in one location in the world which is Karelia in Russia, means that it's relatively unknown and highly sought after and also quite expensive.

Known to be at least two billion years old, shungite is classified as a mineraloid not a mineral because it does not have a crystalline structure which means there are no crystals present.  It's also believed to be the only natural mineral which contains fullerene, a molecule form of carbon. Fullerenes have been detected in space and it has been said that they could possibly have provided the seeds for life on our planet.

Whether you're interest is crystal healing, mineralogy or geology, shungite is a truly fascinating stone which you'll love having as part of your collection.

The price of each piece of rough elite shungite is calculated according to weight, just select the stone that you'd like from the drop down list before adding it to your basket.  Due to the large volumes of elite shungite that we import and sell, it's not possible for us to photograph each piece that is being offered for sale.  Irrespective of the size and weight that you choose, the stone will have a very similar appearance to those photographed all of which come from our collection.


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