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Highly polished petrified wood tumbled stonesPetrified Wood Tumbled Stones | Stone Mania
Highly polished petrified wood tumbled stones
Highly polished petrified wood tumbled stones

Petrified Wood Tumbled Stones

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Petrified Wood Tumbled Stones


Highly polished petrified wood tumbled stones, natural earthy colours, wonderfully distinctive markings. These are the only pieces that we currently have available, select the exact stone that you'd like from the drop down list before proceeding to check-out.

Petrified wood which is also referred to as fossilized wood is the result of organic matter which has been transformed into stone over long periods of time through a process known as petrifaction. The word which originates from Ancient Greek literally means "wood turned into stone".

Each of these colourful petrified wood tumbled stones is unique and surprisingly tactile. In crystal healing petrified wood is known for its ancient wisdom and service to the planet and is said to be useful for work relating to past lives. It's a calming stone which helps one to worry less about things that are really not that important and assists in the acceptance of aspects of life which cannot be changed. Petrified wood is associated with everything that's old whether that be a building, a person, an animal or possessions because it's believed to bring about regeneration by de-energising the old and re-activating the new. Judy Hall in the Crystal Bible 3 also states:

"petrified wood is a stone for archaeologists, historians and librarians which is reputed to counteract ageism in the workplace and to help others recognise the wisdom and value of old age"

The pieces of petrified wood in our photo are the actual tumbled stones that are being offered for sale. They are loosely laid out in the shape of a triangle made up of four rows.  They're numbered in our drop down list starting in the back row with the stone on the left side which is number 1.  The stone immediately to its right is number 2 and the stone next to that is number 3. In the row in front the stone on the left is number 4 with 5 to its right followed by 6. The stones in the next row forward are numbered 7 and 8 and the petrified wood tumbled stone at the forefront of our photo is number 9.




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