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Individual copper nuggets from Zimbabwe, choose the piece that you'd like from the dropdown list before proceeding to checkout.  

Copper was one of the first metals to have been used by man and can be traced back as far as 10,000 years. It was also the first metal to be smelted which is the process of extracting a metal from an ore by heating and melting.  Imported by the Roman Empire from Cyprus, copper was originally called aes cyprium meaning "metal of Cyprus" although the name was later shortened to "cuprum".

Copper is widely used in industry because it resists corrosion from the air, moisture and sea water and is the next best conductor of heat after silver.  It can be found in pipes, wiring, heating, cooling applications, the bottom of cooking pans and has many other uses.

Most copper is extracted from ores which are rocks that contain important elements and metals in sufficient quantities to make it worthwhile to extract them but they usually only contain a very small percentage.

Prior to 1992 coins in the United Kingdom contained 97% copper which meant the 2p coin contained 6.9 grams of copper and the one pence piece 3.45 grams. As market price increased the amount of copper that was being used had to be reduced. Since 1992 one and two pence coins have been manufactured from steel with only a thin copper plate hence they're now less valuable than they once were.

In its purest form copper is extremely soft so to add strength so that it can be used more effectively it's usually mixed with other metals. It's frequently used as an alloy of silver which is another metal that's too soft to be used in its purest form.

The price of our copper nuggets is calculated according to weight, prices are calculated at 15 pence per gram and small, medium and large sized pieces of copper are available. Due to the volume that we buy and sell it's not practical to photograph each piece individually.


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