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Tantalizing pink opal tumbled stones from our collection of crystals, rocks and minerals. Beautifully polished and incredibly tactile, these naturally colourful stones are quite magnificent and shades of pink vary considerably from one stone to the next. Whilst the colour in some is so subtle that it's only just pink, in others it's as rich as the colour of candy floss. White, yellow, black and grey colouration can also be seen in many stones and distinctive markings make each piece quite unique. These large tumbled pink opals will definitely attract attention and a small collection in a glass bowl or similar receptacle will make a wonderful display.

Pink opal and precious opal are the same stone but the former does not exhibit "play of colour" hence sadly it is often over looked. Both are made up of hardened silica gel and contain five to ten per cent water in minute pores which are so small they cannot even be seen with a regular microscope..

Pink opal is a variety of common opal which is so named simply because it can be found in many countries around the world and although the pink variety is the most well known, it does occur in many other colours as well. The vast majority of the world's opal is the common variety and its primary use is for lapidary purposes and in particular, gemstones. These large tumbled stones have a vitreous lustre so they reflect light beautifully and will definitely add a splash of colour to any collection of polished minerals.

Our pink opal tumbled stones range in size from medium to large, approximate weights and measurements are given below. When you make your selection from the drop down list, should you choose to purchase 5 or 10 pink opal tumbled stones, there is a possibility you may be charged slightly more for postage than we end up paying because the weight of individual stones can vary. Should this be the case, we will refund the difference once your order has been posted.  


Save 10% on 5 pink opal tumbled stones and 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams): 15.3 - 22.4
Size Range (cms): 3.6 - 5.3


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