purple to violet coloured lepidolite tumbled stonesLepidolite Tumbled Stones
purple to violet coloured lepidolite tumbled stones
purple to violet coloured lepidolite tumbled stones


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Lepidolite is a subtle violet to purple coloured mineral which is an ore of lithium and a variety of mica which is a relatively soft and flaky mineral.  Inclusions of lithium or rubidium can usually be clearly seen in good quality lepidolite as tiny silvery specs.

The Earth's most common lithium bearing mineral is lepidolite and it's one of the very few which also contains rubidium. This soft, silvery white, metallic element is used to determine the age of rocks which are over ten million years old.

In medicine lithium is used to treat abnormally excitable behaviour and mood swings in people with bipolar disorder as well as depression so in crystal healing, lepidolite is used for stabilizing mood swings and is a useful companion for those who are bipolar. An extremely calming crystal, it soothes sleep disturbances and combats stress bringing deep emotional healing. Helpful for those who suffer from depression, it halts obsessive thoughts, relieves despondency and overcomes insomnia. It encourages independence and achieving goals without outside help and stimulates intellect and analytical qualities. Lepidolite is excellent for decision making as well as focusing on what is important and also for filtering out unwanted distractions.

Our lepidolite tumbled stones are a medium size although exact weights and measurements do vary slightly from piece to piece. When you make your selection from the drop down list, should you choose to purchase 5 or 10 lepidolite tumbled stones, there is a possibility you may be charged slightly more for postage than we end up paying because the weight of individual stones can vary. Should this be the case, we will refund the difference once your order has been posted.


Save 10% on 5 lepidolite tumbled stones and 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams): 12 - 16
Size Range (cms): 2.2 - 2.9




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