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Highly polished larimar tumbled stones imported by Stone Mania directly from the Dominican Republic.  Sadly our supplier has now relocated to the USA so for the time being, these are the last loose pieces of larimar that we have available.

Larimar is a beautiful and extremely rare mineral that's found solely on the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic. It has never been found anywhere else in the world and there's only a very limited amount left available to mine. The vast majority of stones are cut into cabochons for use in ladies jewellery and very little is exported so finding anything other than jewellery featuring this beautiful stone, can be quite a challenge.

These distinctive and highly sought after larimar tumbled stones boast exemplary colour and markings and they're also extremely tactile. Whether you intend to use them in an alternative therapy such as crystal healing or you're just a rock hound who loves beautiful minerals, they'll be something you'll certainly enjoy having as part of your collection.

Our larimar tumbled stones come in medium and large sizes, individual weights and measurements do vary slightly from piece to piece.

Weight (grams): medium stone: 8 / large stone: 12
Size (cms): medium stone: 2 x 1.6 / large stone: 3.1 x 2.2


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