Brown coloured tigers eye tumbled stonesTigers Eye Tumbled Stones | Stone Mania
Brown coloured tigers eye tumbled stones
Brown coloured tigers eye tumbled stones

Tigers Eye Crystals

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Tigers Eye Tumbled Crystals


Tigers eye tumbled stones beautiful quality, highly polished and fascinatingly chatoyant.  This well known variety of the mineral quartz is one of the old time favourites in the world of gemstones and some of the finest tigers eye comes from Griqualand West in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

This distinctive stone which is also known as tiger eye, was not only named because of the similarity in colour to a tigers eye but also because of the optical phenomenon that's associated with it.  Chatoyancy which comes from French and means cat's eye is a description of the way that light interacts with the fibres within the stone and although this phenomenon can be seen in several gemstones, it's best known for being present in tigers eye. For chatoyancy to be fully appreciated the stone needs to be gently moved around in good light and it may be more visible in some stones than others.

Although traditionally known for being brown, the colour of tigers eye can have a reddish or orange tinge but different colours can be obtained with the application of heat. Heat treatments are widely used to enhance or change the colour of a gemstone and both the red and black varieties of tigers eye are the result of heat treatment.

The weights and sizes of our tigers eye crystals varies slightly from piece to piece but they're a medium sized tumbled stone.  When making your selection from the drop down list should you choose to purchase 5 or 10 stones there is a possibility you may be charged slightly more for postage than we end up paying because of a difference in weight but should that be the case, any difference will be refunded once your order has been dispatched..


Save 10% on 5 Tigers Eye Crystals or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 2.9 - 4.4 
Size Range (cms) : 1.4 - 2.6 




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