Tumbled Healing Crystals


collection of colourful tumbled stones 

Finest Grade Crystals for Healing and Collectors


Beautiful healing crystals sourced from around the world, transformed into wonderfully tactile, smooth rounded stones.  Tumbled stones are produced in a machine called a rock tumbler which mimics a natural geological process that's been taking place for millions of years.  In nature these stones are known as river or beach pebbles.

Tumbled healing crystals are popular with rock and mineral collectors of all ages and are widely used in holistic therapies such as reiki and crystal healing.   Available to buy individually or in larger quantities, discounts of 10% and 30% may apply when purchasing five or ten of the same stone.

Although different grades of tumbled crystals are available we only choose the finest grades available for our collection.  Our shungite comes from a supplier in Karelia in Russia which is home to the world's original and largest shungite deposit.  

Younger rock and mineral collectors love tumbled crystals and they make great gifts.  Being relatively cheap means that it doesn't take long to build up a lovely collection.  These stones are irresistible to children who may be tempted to put them in their mouth so please take care if you have them out on display.  Some crystals are more delicate than others and will fracture or break quite easily and a few are even toxic.

Our tumbled crystals are produced in industrial sized rock tumblers hence the exact weight and size of individual stones will often vary slightly from piece to piece.  Those featured in our photos all come from our collection and once we receive your order, each crystal will be carefully chosen prior to being dispatched in a protective gift pouch.



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