1mm thickness sterling silver snake chain1mm Sterling Silver Chain | Stone Mania

Silver Snake Chain

Price: £9.99
Product Code: STSC



Unbeatable Offer | Sterling Silver Snake Chain


Sterling silver snake chain crafted in highly polished sterling silver, available in 18" and 20" lengths only. This fine one millimetre silver chain is ideal for use with any small to medium sized pendant. Crafted in Italy they're unbeatable value for money but we only have a limited number of these snake chains left available.

To help minimise the build up of tarnish on sterling silver chains and other items of sterling silver jewellery, we recommend they be kept covered with a soft pieces of material whenever not being worn.  A blue coloured silver cloth should be used regularly to help remove any tarnish that may have accumulated.  Chemical cleaning solutions should be avoided where possible because over time they can leave marks on the silver.  These dips should never be used on sterling silver jewellery that features gemstones. 




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