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Before shopping online with Stone Mania for crystals, rocks and minerals, please ensure you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions.  We know it's not the most interesting section of the website but the information is really important and protects us as an online retailer and also prevents any disappointment or misunderstanding once you have placed an order.

Stone Mania is all about crystals, rocks, minerals and our show-stopping collection of ladies gemstone pendants. There's no shop and we don't trade in regional shows or markets although we once did so the only way of purchasing products from us is by shopping online through our website.

We never underestimate the importance of good quality photographs so everything that we offer for sale has been carefully photographed by one of our team. It's important to mention that the colours of crystals, rocks and minerals may occasionally appear to be slightly lighter or darker than they actually are and certain shades can also look more or less vibrant. Optical phenomenon including chatoyancy, schiller and iridescence are particularly difficult to capture on camera and the slightest reflection from studio lighting can sometimes be mistaken for a scratch, mark or other anomaly. Shapes and sizes can also be deceiving which is particularly important when choosing a gemstone pendant so to avoid disappointment when your order arrives, please always read descriptions carefully and get in touch should you have a question. If you don't fancy calling or emailing us just tweet instead and if it's easier, we can open a direct messaging dialogue so there's no limit on characters.

Weights are stated in grams, occasionally kilogrammes and measurements are always in centimetres. Ladies pendants are measured from the top of the sterling silver setting to the bottom, the bale and ring to which it's attached are not included. The bale is the sterling silver loop through which the chain is passed and it's linked to a fixed ring which in turn is attached to the top of the pendant. Tumbled stones are sold individually and the price is for a single stone but there's no limit on how many you can buy.  We offer a discount of 10% when you buy five of the same tumbled stone or 30% if you purchase ten. Copper and shungite are sold by weight and details of the pieces available can be found in the drop down lists on the relevant pages.

We're always working on our website doing one thing or another and if we're not adding new pieces to our collection, we'll either be refreshing existing information pages or adding in new ones. Stone Mania is so much more than just an online business, we love crystals, rocks and minerals and as well as working with them, also enjoy doing research in order to write about them. Our Rocks & Minerals section features some great articles which we hope you enjoy reading. 

We do a huge amount of work online especially for research and absolutely hate spammy links and those which detract from the subject matter.  Throughout our website you'll find hundreds of links but we genuinely believe the page or site at the destination will be of interest to you.  In the event that you land on a broken link, we want to be able to fix it as soon as possible so report it to us and as a thank you we'll offer you 15% off your next order.

The aim of our website has always been the same, to provide a platform where like-minded people can enjoy shopping online for crystals, rocks and minerals in the knowledge that they're safe, secure and should they have a question, help is never far away. We're proud to say that we've been doing that pretty successfully since 2003.

Customer feedback is really important for any business and we'd love to know what your experience was like shopping online with Stone Mania. If you have used our website within the last six months to purchase crystals, rocks, minerals or a gemstone pendant we'd love to receive some feedback.  In return and as a "thank you" for your time, we'll send you a code to use at checkout that will give you 20% off your next order (T&C's apply).  If you have a Google account you can leave feedback against our business listing, just click on the image below or you can also leave feedback for us on TrustPilot.

If we've missed anything out or you have a question, don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

Thanks for visiting Stone Mania.

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