Tiger Iron



Tiger iron has very similar colouring to tigers eye but because it's not as well known, it is frequently mistaken for it.  Even though the two minerals share similar colours, their markings are quite different.

Tiger iron is made up of layers of tigers eye which are sandwiched between layers of red jasper and hematite.  It was formed over two billion years ago when deposits of these minerals were slowly smashed together as tectonic plates shifted to create the Australian continent.  The subsequent markings are the result of extreme pressure on the original crystals whose presence is still noticeable in the various layers of colour which create the unique horizontal and vertical patterns. 

In crystal healing it is recommended for blood disorders and spinal alignment, it helps with the healing of broken and fractured bones and provides strength, stamina and endurance.  It can also be useful to help fight tiredness and exhaustion.  Tiger iron is excellent for strengthening the muscle and immune systems, it helps with disorders of the reproductive and digestive systems as well as with general non-specific aches and pains.  A very grounding stone, Tiger Iron helps to promote inner strength and balances emotional energies therefore helping to achieve peace, calmness and tranquillity in life.  It encourages concentration, optimism and creativity and is also said to encourage an admiration for the pure and beautiful, especially for those of an artistic nature.

Tiger iron is graded 7 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.