Rose Quartz


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Rose Quartz which is a popular variety of the mineral quartz occurs in several locations around the world but despite that it's one of the less common coloured varieties of quartz.  It rarely forms crystals and is mostly found as massive which means it occurs as one large mass.  With that said there is a pink coloured quartz that's relatively rare which does form crystals but it's generally believed that Pink Quartz as it tends to be known, is not the same as rose quartz.  The main differences other than one exhibits crystals and the other does not are that pink quartz forms in a different environment, its colour is extremely sensitive to light and the cause of its colour is not the same as rose quartz.

The colour of rose quartz is unique and has been a subject of great debate for many years but still scientists are not certain what causes its pink colouration.  The most popular theory is that it's caused by the presence of microscopic fibrous inclusions related to the mineral dumortierite.  During tests when the inclusions were separated from the host quartz they were found to exhibit the same colour as the original rose quartz hence it's believed they are the cause of the stone's colour.

The primary use of rose quartz is for lapidary purposes and in particular gemstones.  Despite being translucent it tends to be cut as a cabochon because when faceted, it turns slightly cloudy.  Rose quartz beads that were found in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) date back to 7000 BC. and it's also believed to have been used by the Assyrians in 800 - 600 BC.  Although the Romans also used rose quartz it was mainly for making seals.

In crystal healing rose quartz is considered to be the ultimate stone of love and peace and it's one of the most important crystals for the healing of the heart.  It's a romantic stone which attracts love and is a great emotional healer.

Rose quartz is a relatively hard stone which grades 7 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.  Although most of the world's supply comes from Brazil, it can also be found in Madagascar, India, Germany and the USA.



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