slice of the mineral pietersite 

Pietersite is a fairly new mineral that was discovered by Sid Pieters in Namibia in 1962.  Two years later it was published in the mineral records of Great Britain.  This striking stone originated from layers of sand or silt that became cemented together by quartz.  It can exhibit slight chatoyancy which is an optical phenomenon that's seen in certain minerals but particularly in Tigers Eye.

Its distinctive colours and markings make pietersite relatively easy to identify but it's also quite rare hence fine grade material can be difficult to find.

In crystal healing pietersite is said to be beneficial for exhaustion, headaches and absorption of nutrients.  It provides creative ideas to help resolve stagnant situations and can also help to resolve conflicts. 

Grading 6½ to 7½ on Mohs scale of mineral hardness means that pietersite is quite hard which makes it ideal to use for lapidary purposes.  Being opaque means that when used as a gemstone it tends to be cut as a cabochon. 



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