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Tiger Iron | Different to Tigers Eye

Tiger iron is a popular lapidary material that's often mistaken for the mineral tigers eye.  Although the two may at a glance appear to look the same that's mainly because of the similarity in colour.  With closer inspection it's usually quite easy to see the markings in tiger iron are quite different to those in tigers eye.

Whilst there is still some uncertainty about whether tiger iron is a stromatolite or a banded iron formation, what is known is that it's a sedimentary rock that contains an iron compound that can be extracted through a process of heating and melting.  

Tiger iron is made up of alternating layers of tigers eye which is a yellow coloured fibrous variety of quartzred jasper and the mineral hematite, all three are cryptocrystalline.  Being made up of different minerals means that it's correctly classified as a rock not a mineral.  Tiger iron formed over two billion years ago when deposits of quartz, jasper and hematite were slowly smashed together as tectonic plates shifted to create the Australian continent and the visible layers came about because of extreme pressure.

When used for the purpose of crystal healing tiger iron is said to promote inner strength and help balance emotional energies therefore helping to achieve peace, calmness and tranquillity in life.  It encourages concentration, optimism and creativity and is also said to encourage an admiration for the pure and beautiful, especially for those of an artistic nature.

A relatively hard stone which grades 7 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, tiger iron is widely used as a gemstone and being opaque is mostly cut as a cabochon.



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