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An Introduction to Morganite

Morganite which is one of the rarest varieties of the mineral beryl was first discovered in Madagascar in 1910.  Not long afterwards the stone was given its name by gemmologist and Tiffany & Co's vice president George Frederick Kunz who named it after the banker J.P. Morgan.  As well as being an avid collector of fine minerals J.P. Morgan was also someone who made considerable donations to New York's museum of Natural History.

The gemstone Morganite can be expensive and is usually faceted before being used in fine items of jewellery.  Its distinctive colour which is caused by impurities of manganese can vary from light to relatively dark pink.

As well as Madagascar this stone can also be found in Brazil, parts of the USA, Mozambique, Namibia, Afghanistan and Russia.  It's a relatively hard material which grades 7½ to 8 on Mohs scale of hardness but must be protected from excessive heat, large temperature changes and bright sunlight in order to protect its delicate colour from fading.

In crystal healing Morganite is said to provide relief and a positive attitude during times of stress and can also help bring love into ones life and help to maintain it as it grows.



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