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Sapphire Variety of the Mineral Corundum

six faceted blue sapphire gemstones

Septarian Nodule or Concretion | Properties Facts and Photos

round septarian nodule filled with yellow calcite crystals. On a black background

Seraphinite Stone Properties Facts and Photos

clinochlore mineral variety seraphinite. In the Natural History Museum London

Shungite Properties Facts and Photos from Our Collection

collection of rough shungite elite stones

Smoky Quartz Usually Forms Large Crystals

smoky quartz mineral speckled with garnet

Sodalite Properties Facts and Great Photos

the mineral sodalite

Spinel Gemstone | Once Mistaken for Ruby

three rough spinel stones in a museum display cabinet

Sugilite Mineral Properties Facts and Great Photos

Sugilite mineral in the Harvard Museum of Natural History Massachusetts

Sunstone Properties Facts and Photos

rough piece of the mineral sunstone

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