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small collection of rough blue apatite stones


About the Mineral Apatite

Apatite is a relatively common mineral which can be found in large quantities in bones and tooth enamel and in smaller quantities in several different types of rock.  Bones and teeth are composed of calcium phosphate which is the same material as apatite.  As a mineral it has many uses in industry one of which is for fertiliser because it's a rich source of phosphorous.

Although the mineral apatite is occasionally used as a gemstone it's not a popular choice because it's fairly soft so scratches easily.  On Mohs scale of mineral hardness it grades 5 and is the index mineral for this level of hardness.  When apatite is used as a gemstone, despite being translucent it tends to be cut as a cabochon but having said that, the very finest grades will sometimes be faceted.

Apatite can occasionally feature inclusions of the mineral rutile which can cause the stone to exhibit slight chatoyance.  Where this optical phenomenon is present the stone tends to be known as Cats Eye.



collection of rough green apatite crystals

Delicate green apatite crystals



The mineral apatite occurs in many different colours and can also be colourless or multicoloured.  Blue apatite is a particularly popular stone but mostly with rock and mineral enthusiasts.  Due to its fragility it's a difficult material to work with hence tends not to be widely used in the jewellery trade.  Stones are often heat treated to enhance their colour.

First named by a German geologist in the late 1700's, the name apatite came from the Greek word for "to deceive" or "to be misleading".  This came about because it's not an easy stone to identify and can easily be mistaken for several other similar looking minerals.



Apatite Healing Properties

Apatite can help connect to past lives, increase psychic ability and deepen the state of meditation.  In tune with the mind it's a stone for motivation that helps increase energy and enthusiasm to see a task through to completion.  It encourages openness  especially in social situations, dissolves awkwardness and raises self esteem.  Apatite stimulates the mind, dispels doubt and confusion and encourages creativity.

For those who work too hard or feel emotionally drained apatite offers a revitalising boost by releasing energy in the base chakra.  Blue apatite is a stone for spiritual guidance that enhances communication particularly when speaking in public by opening the throat chakra.  Green apatite replenishes energy levels by treating lethargy and lack of concentration, it nourishes the spirit and gently dissolves anger and frustration.



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