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About the Mineral Aragonite

The mineral aragonite is the crystal form of calcium carbonate a chemical compound that occurs naturally in rocks most notably as limestone.  From a chemical perspective it's identical to the mineral calcite but forms under slightly different geological conditions hence has a different crystal structure.  Limestone contains both aragonite and calcite.

Aragonite can be colourless or may occur in many different colours some of which include white, grey, green, blue, violet, brown and varying shades of red and yellow.  It tends to form at low temperatures quite close to the surface of the earth and can also be found as stalactites in caves and around hot springs.  The most familiar forms of aragonite are small distinctive clusters often known as sputniks.



aragonite twin sputnik mineral sjpecimen
Aragonite takes its name from Molina de Aragón in Spain where it was first discovered in 1797. 

The photo at the top of this page was taken in London's Natural History museum.  Photo by Stone Mania ©



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