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Amazonite Stone | Meaning and Properties



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Amazonite aka Amazon Stone

Amazonite is an attractive blue green variety of the mineral microcline whose colour is caused by lead.  Part of the family of rock forming minerals known as feldspar which accounts for over half of the earth's crust, microcline is one of the most common of all feldspar minerals.

Also known as Amazon Stone, amazonite is not particularly common and in the past came almost exclusively from Miyask in the Ilmen Mountains not far from Chelyabinsk in Russia. More recently it has been found in Colorado and a few other localities in the United States as well as Madagascar.  Only blue green varieties of the mineral microcline may accurately be referred to as amazonite.

Although named after the Amazon in Brazil, amazonite is not found anywhere near there and it's believed the stone was confused with another green mineral that was found around the same time in a similar location.

Other sources for amazonite include Canada, Namibia, Australia, Italy, Minas Gerais in Brazil and the Ural mountains of Russia.



polished amazonite mineral in a museum display cabinet



In crystal healing amazonite allows you to see both sides of an argument and to reach your own conclusions.  It helps release fear and anxiety as well as negative energy blockages and also brings luck to gamblers or anyone taking a chance in order to achieve success.  For those who are emotional, it can help regulate ups and downs hence enabling more balanced feelings.

Amazonite beads have been found which date as far back as the 5th millennium BC. and this distinctive stone is still widely used today in items of jewellery.  The Ancient Egyptians used it for carving deities and it was also considered to be a catalyst between the living and the Gods.  During the late 1800's Colorado became the most important mining source for fine grade material and gradually replaced Russia as one of the world's leading suppliers.  

Amazonite is graded 6 to 6.5 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.



Article Photos

Both of the photos in this article were taken by Stone Mania. To see the originals in full size click either photo. Both pieces of amazonite are on display in London's Natural History Museum.



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