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green coloured moldavite a glass-like natural substance used as a gemstone 

Moldavite is believed to have come about because of a meteorite shower which fell in the Moldau Valley (now known as the Czech Republic) around 14.8 million years ago.  Sometimes incorrectly spelt as moldovite, this translucent bottle green coloured gemstone is relatively rare and when unpolished, it has an unusual and distinctive texture.

Moldavite is believed to be from the family of "glassy objects" known as tektites.  They are are irregular and at times intricately shaped nodules and blobs of a glassy substance which often contains small bubbles.  They have no crystal structure hence cannot be called a mineral so moldavite is correctly known as a minerloid.  Obsidian which is natural volcanic glass is also a mineraloid.

The chemistry of tektites is unique and somewhat unexplained and it's believed that moldavite was formed as a result of an impact of a meteorite with layers of rock on the earth's surface.  Upon impact they cooled quickly sometimes taking on patterns of the material upon which they landed.

Moldavite is especially prized for its clarity and unique colour.  It is generally agreed that it's either an extraterrestrial meteoric material of unknown origin or the resulting splash from a meteoric impact.  Some believe it may be a by-product of a volcano on the moon and other more dramatic theories include it being produced as a result of the explosion of an Earth like planet in the asteroid belt.

Each of these theories presents scientific problems that have yet to be explained.  The inability of science to come up with any firm answers about its true origin causes it to remain a material which continues to be surrounded in mystery.  What is known is that during the Stone Age man found and used moldavite as a tool and later it was also valued as a talisman.  Legend states that it is associated with the fabled 'Stone of the Holy Grail' which was said to be an emerald that fell from the sky out of the crown of an angel.  Exposure to the "Stone of the Grail" was said to quicken one's spiritual evolution.

Moldavite is rare and considered to be extremely powerful for spiritual development and expansion of the consciousness.  In the world of crystal healing it's believed to be a means for communication to stimulate the co-operation and transfer of energies between those of extraterrestrial origins and those inhabiting Earth.  It is generally considered to be particularly important for this phase of human evolution.

Moldavite grades 5 to 5½ on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.



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