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Agate stone with colourful banding. A museum exhibit on a blackened background

Amazonite Stone

amazonite mineral in a museum display cabinet


piece of an amethyst geode with large rich purple coloured crystals


duck egg blue coloured angelite tumbled stones


small collection of rough blue apatite stones


large horizontal aquamarine crystal in a museum display cabinet

Aragonite Crystal Facts and Fascinating Photos

large aragonite mineral on a shelf in a museum display cabinet

Aventurine Facts Properties and Great Photos

rough green aventurine stones

Azurite Facts plus Stunning Photos


Beryl Stone | Blue is Aquamarine Green is Emerald

green beryl mineral variety emerald in a museum display cabinet

Bloodstone Meaning Properties and Great Photos

rough piece of the mineral bloodstone

Calcite Mineral Properties Facts and Photos

colourless translucent calcite mineral

Carnelian Stone Healing Properties Facts and Photos

rich marmalade coloured carnelian mineral positioned on a small stand

Chalcedony | Variety of the Mineral Quartz

chalcedony mineral on a white background

Charoite Stone Properties Meaning and Photos

Large triangular shaped piece of the mineral charoite in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Chrysocolla Stone | Properties Facts and Photos

large chrysocolla mineral on display in a museum display cabinet

Chrysoprase | Variety of the Mineral Quartz

emerald green coloured chrysoprase mineral. A rough piece on a small stand.

Citrine Crystal | Properties Facts and Great Photos

Natural citrine terminated crystal. Positioned upright against a dark background.

Corundum | The Mineral Behind Rubies and Sapphires

rough blue corundum mineral on white background

Dinosaur Bone aka Agatized Dinosaur Bone

agatized dinosaur bone and petrified wood in a museum display cabinet

Dumortierite from Rocks Rich in Aluminium

inclusions of dumortierite in the mineral pyrophyllite. In a museum display cabinet

Emerald Gemstone | Facts and Fascinating Photos

rough green beryl mineral on display in a museum display cabinet.

Eudialyte Mineral | Interesting Facts and Great Photos

eudialyte mineral specimen

Feldspar Found on the Moon and in Meteorites

a piece of the mineral feldspar isolated on a white background

Fluorite | An Incredibly Colourful Mineral

fluorite on fluorite, colourful mineral specimen on display in a museum display cabinet

Fossilised Coral Stone Facts and Great Photos

collection of petoskey stones

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