tiger iron gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silverTiger Iron Pendant | Stone Mania
tiger iron gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
tiger iron gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
tiger iron gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver

Tiger Iron Pendant

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Although slightly larger this tiger iron pendant which has a slim design has been mounted in a hand-made sterling silver setting.  The reason for it being included in our collection of sale jewellery is because it has two very minor imperfections.  The first is a small firescale mark which can be seen in our second photo.  Firescale or firestain as it's also known can sometimes occur when metals containing copper are worked on at very high temperatures.  The mark is caused because of a reaction between the copper alloy in the silver and oxygen.   The second minor imperfection relates to a very small polishing issue on the bale of this tiger iron pendant which can only be seen with careful inspection.  Minor anomalies and imperfections in hand-made jewellery especially when crafted by artisans is not unusual but it's exactly what makes each piece so unique unlike jewellery that's mass produced for the commercial market.

Due to the time and effort that it takes to craft each gemstone pendant in our collection we rarely have pieces re-made should there be a minor imperfection and prefer instead to offer them at a reduced price.  Of course should you not be totally satisfied with your purchase it may be returned for a full refund (T&C's apply).

Formed over two billion years ago tiger iron is frequently mistaken for tigers eye but although both share similar colours, they are not the same stone.  Tiger iron is made up of distinctive layers of tigers eye, red jasper and the mineral hematite and formed as tectonic plates smashed together creating the Australian continent.

This elegant tiger iron pendant comes in a colourful gift pouch that will help protect the stone and minimise any build up of tarnish on the sterling silver

Weight (grams) : 28.1
Size (cms) : 4.7 x 3.1 x 0.7




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