Blue Topaz Pendant

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Blue Topaz Pendant | 32 Carat Gemstone



A magnificent blue topaz pendant featuring a tantalising 32 carat faceted gemstone.  Boasting exceptional colour and sparkling beautifully as it interacts with the light, this stunning piece will stand out in any collection of silver and gemstone jewellery.  Mounted in a hand crafted sterling silver setting with our own SM (Stone Mania) hallmark from the London Assay Office, this blue topaz pendant comes in its own gift pouch that will help keep the stone safe and minimise the build-up of tarnish.

The facets in fine crystals are designed to optimise the way a stone interacts with light hence greatly enhances its colour and the patterns that can be seen.

Almost all blue topaz gemstones are heat treated in order to obtain the colour of choice.  The lightest shade of the blues is known as Sky Blue whilst London and Swiss Blue exhibit a deeper richer colour.  These varieties are both considerably more expensive due to the type of heat treatment that's used.  Although this popular mineral occurs in many different colours the vast majority of topaz is colourless.  Blue is exceptionally rare which the reason why the vast majority of stones are heated.

This blue topaz ladies pendant would suit being worn on a fine sterling silver chain.  With it being the traditional birthstone for November and modern birthstone for December it could make a wonderful gift for someone very special.

Code : BXTF
Weight (grams) : 11.1
Size (cms) : 2.2 x 1.7 x 1.2




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