rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendantRainbow Fluorite Pendant | Stone Mania
rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendant
rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendant
rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendant

Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

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Rainbow Fluorite Pendant



Whenever we choose cabochons for use in our ladies gemstone pendants we can never resist buying a few pieces of rainbow fluorite because it's such a colourful and fascinating mineral.  Sadly some of the darker stones are not ideally suited for jewellery because unless illuminated from behind, they can look a little uninteresting.  Being highly translucent however, once held up towards the light this popular lapidary material comes alive and carefully selected stones can exhibit fascinating colour.  Rainbow fluorite pendants tend to be more popular with people who loving wearing this stone for its healing properties as opposed to it being a visually beautiful piece of jewellery.  This rainbow fluorite cabochon certainly doesn't lack beauty but it is best appreciated when illuminated from behind. 

Rainbow fluorite is a fragile mineral so using it for lapidary purposes can be a challenge.  Grading 4 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness demonstrates how easily it can be scratched so it should always be handled with care because if dropped, it is likely to crack or fracture.  For that reason it's not unusual for rainbow fluorite to have minor nicks, fractures or indentations. 

This dark coloured rainbow fluorite gemstone has a slightly waxy lustre and has been mounted in a hand-made sterling silver setting.  The reason it's been reduced is because the workmanship on the silver is not quite up to the standard that it should have been but it's something that may well not have even been noticed had we not mentioned it. 

With the addition of light this translucent rainbow fluorite gemstone exhibits a series of fascinating wavy lines of purple, green and yellow colour.  It would definitely suit someone into crystal healing who's looking for a magical stone and at this price, it can't possibly disappoint. 

Weights (grams) : 32.7
Size (cms) : 3.7 x 3.3 x 1 




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