rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendantRainbow Fluorite Pendant | Stone Mania
rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendant
rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendant
rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendant

Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

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Rainbow Fluorite Pendant



What looks like a relatively ordinary piece of rainbow fluorite really comes alive as this translucent gemstone is lit up from behind.  This polished cabochon has been mounted as a ladies pendant in fine sterling silver and is a great choice for anyone who loves curious and fascinating gemstones. 

Rainbow fluorite is an extremely fragile stone so using it for lapidary purposes can be particularly challenging.  Grading 4 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness is a reminder of just how fragile it is and if knocked or dropped, it will almost certainly crack or fracture.

The darker colours of rainbow fluorite do not initially appear to be very exciting however with the addition of some light, that all changes.  Take a look at the photograph on our Facebook page and you'll be able to see Mother Nature's handiwork in all its glory. 

It's not unusual for rainbow fluorite to have minor nicks, fractures or indentations but we have reduced this piece because there are two fractures at the top of the stone one of which can just about be felt on the surface.  This gemstone pendant would be most suited to someone who loves the magic of crystals rocks and minerals but is not put off by a few battle scars.  In crystal healing the term empathic warrior is used to describe stones that have suffered damage in some way and many believe their energy to be considerably stronger because of the trauma they have endured.

As rainbow fluorite pendants go, the transformation that can be seen in this stone is quite remarkable which is the very reason we chose it despite the imperfections. 

Weights (grams) : 22.4
Size (cms) : 3.4 x 2.7 x 1.1. 




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